INVITED REVIEW: Fun and learning in Dubai Dolphinarium

As a parent we always look for the best place to take our children especially during weekends. A place where they can have fun and learn at the same time. It’s not only games entertainments where they can find joy but through some shows and events also.


Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor entertainment for everyone. It’s inside the Dubai Creek Park (Gate 1) on the right side. Very near to the entrance (have to pay AED5 separately). It’s the kind of place that you can visit any season. There are some other shows that you can watch from here aside from the main attraction which is the Dolphin Show. Such as exotic bird show and northern fur seals.

There are different timings within the day. We went there last Saturday for the 3pm show (Illusion & Dolphin and Seal Show) as an invitation for us. We were seated on the VIP area and close to the pool. Before it started, they were having a contest using balls as a raffle with numbers on it and tickets with its corresponding numbers for AED20 each. These will be thrown to the pool at the end of the show and whichever the dolphins will get is the winner (we participated but no luck 😕).


On the opening of the show, it started with somewhat 15min magical and illusion acts. Then another one with a seal show. Before the main show started, the energetic host gave us a bit of information about dolphins. The dolphins on the show they call it Bottlenose. There were 3 beautiful dolphins came out started jumping once their trainers came. They have names but I just can’t catch them (too much echo from the microphone).


There were a lot of tricks they showed to everyone. One was a dolphin made a painting and it went for bidding. It was sold at AED50. With the lively music and great lightings, the show was successful and truly enjoyable.



We went out happy and since it’s our first time, we definitely loved the show. It’s one of the famous tourist attractions here in Dubai. Well, we’re in the park so we better make use of the fee we paid instead of going out straight.  We took some memorable photos around and we even tried Hamza to ride on a pony but he seems to be afraid. We didn’t get a chance to let him ride.

Wanna know more about this? Check here about their website. You’ll be able to buy tickets online and even check the schedules with the respected shows. Don’t miss also the chance to be one of the lucky followers to be given of free tickets. So follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.



  1. I had been there long time back. They have added a lot of new things since then. Thanks for this review, now I know I’ve to go there again.


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