FREE EVALUATION: Get stacking with Koita

A brand produced from Italy where the cleanest milk can be found because cows are fed with grass this is Koita. It’s the Cleanest Tasting organic milk. Why do we have to choose organic milk? Because it’s more healthier. It’s free from chemicals, gmo and antibiotics. The packaging is made from Tetra-Pak paper not from plastic which is environmental friendly. Not only that, they donate 10% of their yearly profit to the local charities in the region.


Koita have 1 litre and cute 200 ml sizes available. Flavours are milk and chocolate milk that can be both in whole and low fat. It contains Vitamins A & D3 which is very essential most especially for growing kids. We love this 200ml whole fat organic milk for our son. He loves this flavour so much and it’s very easy to carry around.  We usually have it with us wherever we go. It’s very handy.


Milk is not for drinking only. Nowadays we can come up with so many recipe ideas with it. So why not use Koita then for it to be more healthier? I add it for our breakfast now for example with cereals, oatmeal and even pancakes. We love smoothies and so that goes down there too even the chocolate flavour. Maybe you have more ideas. Share it with me on the comment below.



Koita loves seeing our creativity on how we use it or how we enjoy koita in our daily lives most specially kids. Don’t forget to tag them socially in Facebook , Instagram and Twitter  to let them know how much your fridge is stacking koita. Oh by the way, Koita can be ordered online now through their website and its free delivery in UAE. More convenient if its not available in your area. Stay healthy and green.



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