INVITED REVIEW: Taste of Brazil (Friday Brunch) in Fogueira – Ramada Plaza JBR

I’ve been loving brunch so far and it’s getting more exciting while the weather is getting nicer. Another adventure of Friday Brunch that we had this time in Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach in Fogueira restaurant.  It’s a taste of Brazil in the 35th floor of the hotel hence expect to have a spectacular view of Dubai Marina.

In this kind of brunch, it’s a buffet of 15 cuts of meat that comes straight away to your table one by one with few minutes break. The 15 cuts are the following:

Tenderloin, Tri-tip, Flank Steak, Rib-eye, Rump cap, Beef Medallion with beef bacon and Sirloin

Lamb leg, Lamb chop, Lamb medallion

Chicken heart, Chicken drumstick, Chicken wings, Chicken medallion and Chicken medallion with beef bacon


The beef comes from USA, Lamb is from Brazil and Chicken is from Australia. So the question is, what will happen if they will keep on coming to your table? The trick is, you will be provided by a card each of you on your table. One side says “GIVE ME MORE” and on the other side is “GIVE ME A BREAK“. So use it accordingly. There’s a 15 cuts guide also that’s placed on your table already where you’ll see what exactly the meat cuts are coming. The grilling is happening in the terrace.


On the buffet area are some other main course, cold mezze, fresh salads, desserts and the bread station. You’ll be served automatically a delicious appetizers which includes cheese bread, garlic cheese bread, coxinha and banana fries. They will serve you also different kinds of sauces for the barbecue.


So after a few minutes, the meat started coming! From chicken-lamb-beef cuts. In between they’ll stop and you’ll be informed by the staffs. They’ll be providing this time a grilled pineapple on a skewer covered with cinnamon and fined sugar. You’ll be getting a slice of this and the purpose is to help you to  digest. Then they will resume.


There’s also a live entertainment here performed by their talented singers namely Diego and Giselle. They sing songs in Spanish and English which are a hit. You’ll hear them throughout the brunch with 15 mins break.


It was a fantastic brunch with the Brazilian atmosphere inside and it’s an excellent place! It’s transporting you back to Brazil. However, it’s recommended to make a reservation a week ahead because tables are limited. It was jam-packed when we went there. There are great photos on the walls and some colorful paintings. An option to use the outdoor dining area will be available soon enough when the temperature has totally cooled down during brunch time. It’s from this area where you can totally enjoy the amazing view of Dubai Marina and some neighbouring buildings.


Brunch starts at 12.30pm-3.30pm and it’s AED335 per person. Check out their website and see more info. Don’t forget to follow Ramada Plaza on Facebook   , Twitter  and Instagram for awesome deals and offers.

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  1. Waoh! Every weekend, we get to have our brunch.. because first of all, we always get up between 10 am- 11:30 am that’s why 😂 Basically, it’s been a long weekdays and we’ve get to attached ourselves in our bed. 😆


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