FREE EVALUATION: Add it to your daily routine Green Tea X50

Since I’ve been doing food blogging a lot nowadays, I’ve been conscious also with my health. Well of course, who doesn’t do any cheat day especially when the opportunity comes to you?


So I bumped to this Green Tea X50 stall in one of the events I went last time in DIMC. The lady made me taste the 3 flavours they got. That’s Green Tea, Raspberry and Tropical Fruit. They all taste good however Raspberry is my favourite 😊.  So this is why it’s great to have this for detox, as energy drink, to stimulate metabolism and gradually to lose weight. Not only because of the great flavours but of course, it’s gluten-free, no preservatives, aspartame free, low sugar, and contains added Vitamin C. Now the best part is, this is highly concentrated. The box contains 60 sachets of 3 flavours. So a sachet can be used 2 times a day (using half of the sachet per big glass/shaker). Very nice with chilled water. It’s so refreshing. I usually take this in the morning with empty stomach and during lunch.



You can’t simply depend on it if you want to lose weight with this. You have to combine it with exercise.

Since it’s on sachets, you don’t have any reason not to have it or even bring it with you anywhere anytime.

Before I’ll forget, there’s a pamphlet inside the box which is about “Accelerated Weight Loss Programme” it has a code that you can fully access it. There’s also somewhat a sample meal planner guide for you to follow/try.


Recently they got new flavours too which are: Mango, Assorted, Pina Colada, Chocolate and Ice Coffee. This tea is available in Holland and Barrett’s stores and online on their website. They usually make a competition on this and even great offers! So head over to their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.



  1. I’ve been induldging with my Alokozay green tea and been a fan of Grean Tea Bags… is this one better than my Alokozay Green Tea? 😅
    Since I think, it’s for a cold tea, I might as well wanna try. 😏 Huh, thanks or the info! Gonna join them too in their social media accs 😁


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