INVITED REVIEW: Fajita Festival in Cactus Jacks-Millennium Airport Hotel

Our dinner last Saturday happened to be in Cactus Jacks in Millennium Airport Hotel in Garhoud. We chose to have a try on this that day because as they claimed it, it’s a Fajita Festival. We’ve been recently loving Spanish and Mexican foods so why not a Latino restaurant as well. For me they’re all related and taste close to each other.


Cactus Jacks is a bar and restaurant which is having an outdoor dining as well and close to Oasis Pool and bar. So the live entertainment on the other side is viewable from here for free😉 you can enjoy the beautiful songs.


Loredana welcomed us here and recommended to be  seated in the terrace since the weather was fine. So we seated outside nearby the Fajita live cooking station. Colorful fresh vegetables and other condiments were displayed beside it. And I know we seated on the right place.

A complimentary Nachos in different colors with Salsa and Lime Lemonade on a shot glass was served. We got hubby’s favourite Lemon & Mint and I tried the Virgin Margarita (non-alcoholic) with strawberries and finely shaved ice.


The chefs were slowly getting busy making fajitas and with the grill. We ordered the Cactus Jack’s Fiesta Platter for appetizer. It has jalapeño and cheese nachos, calamari fritos, veggie Quesadillas, beef taqitos and buffalo wings served with homemade guacamole and sour cream. This is a sharing platter and it’s way too much as an appetizer! We got full with this alone oh my gosh! And let me tell you, everything on this platter is absolutely delicious. We mopped it clean! Hahaha!


For the main course we had 2. First the Tex-Mex Mix Grill, it’s a chipotle marinated chicken, beef and lamb tenderloin and beef chorizo served with Southwest style mashed potato, asparagus and steak pepper sauce. Meat is super tender and juicy! The cut sizes served was just right not too big and not too small. Mashed potato is awesome! So creamy!


For Fajitas, it’s Chicken, Steak and Prawns combo. Cooked with fresh veggies and served altogether on one plate. The other plate contains the condiments for the fajita and the tortilla wrappers on the tortilla container to keep them warm. So we digged it in and started making our own style of Fajitas. It’s truly a Festival of Fajitas. And I loved this experienced we had.


They also had a kid’s menu here around 5-6 options if I can remember it right. However we simply asked for a normal french fries for our son to munch in while busy watching his videos.


I ordered dessert for us and to my surprise I was told that Chef Winfred, the Executive Chef has prepared dessert for me already. I was touched! This is the second time around it happened to me. And I’m really thrilled.

The Fried Ice Cream with Pineapple Enchalada (carmelized pineapple tidbits on tortilla wrapper) came first.  It’s carefully decorated with some drops of strawberry syrup and some drizzle of it on the enchalada as well.


I thought that was it and it’s a surprise again to have a second one. It’s a Hot Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla ice cream. Chef, poured over the sauce on top of it and making it more yummy! The fudge has hidden slices of fruits inside. It’s way too perfect match with the vanilla ice cream.

Overall experience was amazing! Staffs are great and so their food. Silently listening to neighbouring tables. I have observed their regular guests are happy to bring new people to know about them. They’re confident enough that their friends will loved it too. Which I certainly recommend for you to try it out as well. Don’t stick to your regular type of foods. Explore more in Cactus Jacks in Millennium Airport Hotel.

Fajita Festival is every Saturday from 7pm-11.30pm and price starts from AED80 per person.

Know more about the restaurant here and do follow the hotel’s social media accounts such as Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. A lot of things going on with them now like they got new restaurants opened, great offers/deals and even competitions! Don’t forget to surf their website for other info you may need.

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