FREE EVALUATION: The Macaron Corner is here!

Another homemade dubai-based entrepreneur that I came across on Instagram. A lovely mommy Adeela, who dedicates her spare time on her creativity and passion on making macarons. I love macarons! How about you? Aside from they’re chewy, they come in great varieties of flavours and colours.


As I searched in Google this term Macarons which all the while I thought is a French dessert alone, it actually originated from Italy brought to France on the earlier times. And from it’s traditional way of making it we can see now how Pastry Chefs or even like Adeela can make an innovative flavours and even designs of it.

I have tried to watch in YouTube on how to make one. It seems like this piece is very fragile on the process. There will be the chances of cracking while baking or will not have a nice look at all.



So far I have tried the yummiest macarons here in Dubai. I swear better than the restaurants. I got the following flavours: Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Mint, Chocolate with nigella seeds, Vanilla, Raspberry, Coffee and Peanut Butter. They have different filling of ganache and for sure that’s her secret.


Macarons are definitely on the go for Tea/Coffee time, great for gift ideas, awesome to be part of your special occasions, giveaways and a lot more! Well I do love munching on them while I’m sitting down with my computer. It gets rid of boredom. It gives me good ideas too!

Well anyway, know more and order yours by sending her an email on It’s AED3.50/pc and for orders of 5 dozens above will be free of delivery charge else it will vary on your location. Follow her Instagram account to see her inspiring creations with finest ingredients and freshly made upon order.



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