INVITED REVIEW: New Casa for Nando’s mama mia!

It was October 30 when Nando’s has opened it’s new casa in Dubai Festival City  (DFC). Another awesome place where you can enjoy eating your favourite meal. The restaurant is situated in the mall where you can have a beautiful sea view. You’ll see a helicopter landing and birds flying around. They have an outdoor dining so you can enjoy this wonderful scenery more in that area.


Nando’s have an expansive dining area here. They have a wide display of their Peri-Peri sauces too. And the menu’s front cover is one of the South African artworks.


For the food, this time around we opted for different dishes to try. Aside from the Chicken Wings that I still ordered, we had the Grilled Chicken Tender & Spicy Rice (grilled juicy chicken tenders basted with peri-peri sauce on a bed of spicy rice),



Ceasar Salad (fresh crunchy lettuce,  shaves of parmesan cheese, Nando’s croutons and Nando’s unique ceasar dressing),


some regular fries, for dessert it was Salted Caramel Cheesecake (a smooth and creamy cheesecake topped with delicious salted caramel crunch)


and Four High Carrot Cake (4 layered moist carrot cake studded with raisins, walnuts and pineapple. Finished with smooth cream cheese icing).


We did have fun while relishing Nando’s specialities. Not just because it’s a new place but they do really have a perfect spot and view! This attracts the customers it’s indeed one of the most important factors a restaurant should have.


It was just a few days ago only when we visited so the washrooms can be used either of them. No signs were marked yet. I love the hand washing area wherein the sinks are like the half part of a big bucket.  Since this is new there will be offers and promos for sure! So do follow them socially.



**I have written an article before on their Al Qasba branch The Peri-Peri Nando’s.

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