INVITED REVIEW: Raju Omlet has reached in Safeer Mall (New Branch)

Dinner was served in Safeer Mall, Sharjah at Raju Omlet’s humble restaurant. Newly opened branch last October 9 and it’s getting famous. They are nearby the elevator going towards Safeer Market.

I was actually curious what food they’re serving. Will it be like just omelette of maybe different styles or have something more of it? I’ve seen them socially by fellow bloggers photos and I got the instinct of getting upclose with them.


Mr. Nakul is the owner of Raju Omlet. Haven’t met him personally but I can say he’s a kind-hearted person just by talking to him. I met Pintu in the mentioned branch and he’s very helpful for choosing which one’s the best to try.

They have 2 kinds of menu. One is what they call traditional. You’ll find all kinds of omelette and masala and even the chai and other beverages. Second is when you come for dinner. They have a separate menu for that.



We had the Chicken Tikka Roll (it’s the most famous kebab of all times rolled inside the anda paratha),


Mushroom Masala Roll (mushroom is cooked with onions, tomatoes & garam masala stuffed in paratha),


Cheese Masala Omlet (rolled masala omlet filled with creamy cheddar cheese),


Kebabs & paratha (boneless pieces of fresh chicken marinated and barbecued to perfection and served with paratha),


and some of the Chef’s Signature dishes are Egg Lazeez ( slices of boiled eggs cooked in delicious combination of tomato gravy and cheddar cheese)


and Murgh Anda Masala (boneless chicken and whole boiled egg cooked in Chef’s special gravy made in cashew, cream, onions, curd, ginger, garlic and garam masala).


Of course it will not be a complete tasting without the chai. I took the Kesar Elaichi Chai (saffron enriched cardamon tea with a unique blend). I had 2 of this 🙂


All these dishes we enjoyed a lot! And I wanted to highlight the Egg Lazeez which is divine! We can’t say what’s make it so creamy and so delicious that really gives an impact once you tasted it. Could it be a butter or the cheese? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore because I can’t forget this dish. Fantastic food and affordable. Definitely a new place to hangout!


Raju Omlet gives knowledge about EGGS too. How? Through the coasters. I thought they have one kind only but no. Since I took another chai I got another coaster which has a different info this time. So I assumed there are several of them. Another way is through the images on the wall. You’ll love all the antiques framed photos as well. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot.

They have a Facebook page and Instagram so follow them and you’ll not miss any updates from them.

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  1. thanks dear..i was actually looking forward for a review from this restaurant. My kids love eggs a lot and my hubby is not a big fan …s o i was just pulling back from trying here as i thought they will only serve food having egg as key ingredient. Now i will definitely try…and yes i have noted EGG LASSIE


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