FREE EVALUATION: Found my Hydro Boost range of Neutrogena from Tish Tash

I finally got a beauty brand review from Tish Tash and I got the opportunity to review the Hydro Boost range of Neutrogena. They have recently launched this trio: Hydro Boost Facial Cleanser (i.e. Micellar Water & Water Gel) and the Hydro Boost Gel Cream. Hydro Boost range tagline is Stop moisturizing Start Hydrating! It was told that this products lock in the hydration to your skin for 24 hrs and lock long-lasting moisture and releases it when it’s only needed. Hence, made me so curious about them!

Hydro Boost cleanser Water Gel

I started to try the Water Gel cleanser that comes with a pump in 200ml. Application is on a wet face and work on it until lather and then rinse thoroughly. I loved it right away upon applying. First, the scent is so elegant and it’s gentle on the skin. So I rub it on my face on a circular motion and after rinsing it, I pat my face gently with a towel. Skin is soft and smooth and the scent stays on the skin. And I’ve noticed that my face is not oily when I wake up in the morning. Now with this I actually finishes it with the Gel Cream.

Gel Cream in 1.7 oz

It’s a white gel cream and absorbs super fast. This is an oil free product. Probably it’s the reason of the result on me. And this one, you can wear it under your makeup too like a moisturizer. It’s not sticky by the way, it’s lightweight on the skin. Now on the other hand, the Micellar water which is another type of cleanser, works like a water in 200 ml.

Hydro Boost cleanser Micellar Water

It’s fragrance free and application is on a wet face too. However on the bottle it says work until lather just like the water gel. But this doesn’t do any lather. As I’ve said it’s like just a water. So I rather use a cotton pad on this and gently make a dab motion on my face and then rinse. Therefore, it’s very useful as a make-up remover as it does deep cleansing and hydrating your skin at the same time. Both cleansers are for sensitive skin and paraben-free and the gel cream is for dry skin.

These are wonderful products! And available in all major supermarkets and pharmacies. Follow them socially in Facebook  and Instagram  to get updated every now and then with their new products and even promotions. They do sometimes run competitions too! Have you joined them in Taskspotting? I’m not sure though if it’s still there. I tried my best but was not selected. If you haven’t heard about Taskspotting yet, you can read more about them here: Let’s do some TaskSpotting

Tish Tash is a PR and Marketing agency where all well-known brands can be found.  Follow them up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and for sure you’ll get all the trending products and updates.



  1. I was selected in the TaskSpotting and will be receiving my kit in a day or two. Can’t wait to try these, especially after your review. And thanks for explaining so nicely how to use these products.


  2. I should’ve been in talkspotting 😱 Now I know, thanks for the info 😉

    By the way, I hope I could be your November Fan because I’ll really be trying my best everywhere in your social media accs. Please do notice my efforts 😅😆😁😄 Hope it isn’t too late… 😊


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