FREE EVALUATION: Be cautious with toxins around you and get to know Non-Toxic Source

We have a busy lifestyle nowadays that sometimes we don’t give time to some minute information or importance. Which are most of the time very necessary for us to give attention. The presence of toxins in our environment for example. Do you know where they are actually present and how possible they are almost everywhere? They are present on our food, our things at home, same goes with outside our houses such as environmental toxins like cigarette smoke, automobile fumes, pesticides and etc. So what shall we do?

It was amazing to find out about Non-Toxic Source company. Because they’ll be helpful with this. It’s a company that provides products made of glass from Life Factory. These will help you free from toxins that can be found on plastics and metals. Their product ranges from adult water glass, baby feeding bottles, food storage containers and travel mugs. They comes in colorful protective silicone sleeves which will be very useful for easy grip and prevent it from breakage.  All products are BPA/BPS free and Phthalate-free and manufactured from U.S. and Europe.

Here’s what we got from their product range:

We took them with us since we have a long trip😊 during our staycation.


Another amazing product they have is the Jack n Jill toothpaste for babies and children which is completely safe to swallow. I have this situation right now where our son has to learn brushing his teeth. With the previous toothpaste we have for him he vomits when he tastes it. And of course our concern of the possibility of swallowing in the process. Jack n Jill toothpaste is made in Australia and it’s certified organic and natural. It’s available in different flavours as follows: Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry, Raspberry  (just like we have) and Blackcurrant.


Non-Toxic Source products are also available in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Lebanon. Now here in UAE there are several places and ways where you can grab their products. You can find them in Organic Food & Cafe branches, Holland and Barrett, DB Babies stores and Bumble Bee baby stores. Through online you can surf them on Mumzworld and Mini Exchange. Very convenient isn’t it? Go to the nearest one to you now or you don’t have to leave your house as well to do it.

Follow them socially in Facebook  and Instagram. Check their website too for full info. Stay healthy and green!



  1. These products r amazing wud love to buy them for my family ..They have got the best range of toxin free bottles ,containers ,baby feeding bottles n all r toxin free ..extremely gud for our health..

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  2. Super love this Non-toxic products, My family love to travel and have a bonding moment every weekends , preparing some packed snack meals and lots of bottled water,this Product is very useful esp. to my 3 kids ,using a safer,chemical free substance.wish to experience this awesome lovely products.

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  3. Its not possible for us to use everything non-toxic, so for that these products are great which not only help us to remove the toxins but are like life savers…. Love the baby and kids range especially as instead of sterlizing their bottles everytime, can use these products which make everything non-toxic…. Inshallah would be seeing soon these lovely products in my kitchen….

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  4. Using a glass bottle/container is a safer choice for storing foods and juices whether they are hot or cold. It is easier to clean & are more enviromental friendly. It is the best choice for feeding/drinking babies as they are BPA/BFS free & Phtalate free which are common cause of deadly cancer. The good part is that Non-Toxic Source company / Life Factory has created the bottles & containers, bottles, and mugs for home & on-the-go use.

    One of the cool part is also the organic and natural toothpase – JACK N JILL which can be swallowed. Kids would love using it 👍🏼

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  5. if you lost your health, you will lose yourself.
    And these being one time investment products can be very helpful in our daily life. We are living in apolluted world ..But we have to do our best to create environment for our future .
    Stop using plastic , go non toxic….Looking for more kind of products in future.

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