FREE EVALUATION: We Bake n Cake with our kids. That’s baking memories together!

There are lots of subscription boxes out there now. Let it be in fashion side, makeup and cosmetics, baby products, books, etc. and I got excited for baking too is now available. I saw them on Facebook at first and got really curious about it and I immediately surfed their website.


It’s about having different themes every month. So you’ll not know what you will have each month that will be delivered directly to your doorsteps. You can subscribe for their box which is available in 3 months (AED130), 6 months (AED120) and 12 months (AED110). Now if you want to order exclusively for a month themed it’s AED145. All the ingredients you need for baking are inclusive even sometimes some props are there. You will even get a small gift that you can use for baking. Payment is in COD ( cash on delivery) as of now and if you subscribed for few months you have to pay it full upon  your first delivery. For full info about this you can find it out here.

Now for this month of November, it’s all about Cake Pops! How cool isn’t it? Just by picturing it, I know it will be so much fun and kids would definitely will love it.


I’m not a professional when it comes to baking, but I do have my baking stuffs with me because sometimes this instinct of making one at home will just pop up. One of my curiosity was, will I be able to make it?

The box has a simple instructions to follow. No wonder I was able to do it and for sure you will as well. Ingredients are all measured exactly for the product. You just have to fill in the butter, egg and milk which is a normal part of the cake ingredients and it will not be included on the box because I understand these are perishable items and it will make problem during delivery.


I found it really enjoyable and pretty easy and my son when he saw the box he got excited too! Like everyone else we always want to know “What’s in the box?” When I opened, he said ohhhh! (Hahahaha!!)

I carefully followed the instructions steps by steps. Until I reached the part of baking it. Let me tell you, I don’t have oven. So I skipped the #1 step. What I usually use is our Convection Microwave. After several heat testing way back then, I finally got the perfect temperature and timing for baking in microwave although there are presets already. It takes 10 mins to bake a cake in P100 (I’m not sure yet what’s that means). For the marshmallows and white chocolates (chopped it in small pieces first) I used same temperature for 40 secs.

I mixed the sugar & butter with an electric mixer. 2 eggs I mixed one at a time.
Slowly siff in the raising flour in folding manner.
Mixed cocoa with lukewarm water which is to be added to the batter. Then bake it.
I heated the marshmallows and mixed it with half of the cake crumbled .

The fun part begins with coating and decorating. This is where our kids can come over and join. It will be really messy with all that dripping parts and the sprinkles, but that’s what it’s all about. That’s pretty normal.


With the melted white chocolate I use half of it with the food coloring. Then started coating and decorating . Full instruction is on a separate sheet on the box!

Place them inside the freezer in a minute after coating that will let them set very fast and ready to be stuffed in on the styro-foam stand.

It was such a great day! Now I’m already wondering what will it be next month. It’s festive season! We don’t celebrate this that’s for sure but the thought of winter is coming and all the exciting events in UAE during this season excites me.

Wanna know more of the founder of Bake n Cake, Saskia? Heidi Raeside of Tuesdays Child has the perfect story. Read it here: Saskia story from Tuesdays Child.

Do follow their Facebook page and Instagram for updated information and offers. And of course nake your order here and start spreading this fun and love with your previous kids.

P.S. Dubai free delivery!



  1. This is awesome. Been a long time since I baked too even though I have an oven. Just not too comfortable after I heard about a bad experience many years back. I too try it in the microwave but have to learn them all over again since we got a new one. Would really love to try out these treats for my family first. Participated in your giveaway on facebook, twitter and instagram. Hope to be lucky to win with you and get a chance to get over my fear of baking in an oven.

    Liked by 1 person

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