FREE EVALUATION: Happy reading with Kitabox

I’m back with another amazing discovery of Subscription Boxes which involves our children’s learning and developing skills. As a mom of a 2 yr. old boy I’m on the stage of discovering and exploring to help him with his developmental stage. Sooner or later he has to hit the nursery and for sure you will all agree that HOME is the best Foundation. Thus receiving this fantastic box which educates and make it fun at the same time for children is absolutely a brilliant concept!


Let’s welcome KITABOX! The first subscription box in the UAE that involves reading and other fun activities. Kitabox was derived from an Arabic word KITAAB which means BOOK and the founder, Charlotte Perret has chosen this as she herself, loves reading since childhood. It has been successfully established last November 2015 and the box’s monthly theme is carefully thought and chosen from the school’s subjects. This is why you’ll find them as well in some school establishments and to name a few like Little Haven Nursery and Dubai Gem Private School. If you’ll purchase from them the delivery will be free. What’s so great about their books also is that, they are partnered with trusted publishers like Orchard Books and Walker Books. This means, our children will get the best quality books and will eventually have their own mini-library at home once these books will be slowly collected every month.


Don’t you love it when a courier guy calls/knocks and saying that there’s a delivery for you? Personally I do love receiving packages and the best part is UNBOXING! Same feeling our children will have and with some surprise gifts included this makes it more exciting. For this month of November, the theme is STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that’s the full meaning. The books to be received are categorized by the kid’s age so you have to be careful in choosing this during the subscription process. We got, the PROFESSOR MCQUARK & the OOJAMAFLIP book which has a great visual images ( as they call it Picture Books) that catches the attention of a 2 yr old child. It’s very helpful while reading this for them because images helps a lot to understand too. We do sometimes watch a movie let say which is in another language, but just by looking at what they’re doing we will understand some parts of it. Along with this book there’s an ACTIVITY BOOK which has some MAZE, CROSSWORD PUZZLES, SUDOKU, etc. It also talks about KITABOX BOOK CLUB! Ohhh that’s making it more interesting! You can get featured by sending your details with your review about the book. For this month’s theme you can get featured also by sending your best creation of flipping machine using any materials can be found at home. From the newsletter, you’ll get to find out what’s the next theme. Next month it will be SEALIFE. Now the surprise gift on this are the bookmark and tattoos. (Check here for subscription)


Now aside from this themed box, if you prefer to purchase just a book, you may surf here to buy separately. You’ll find the list of the books available and even according by the age. Home deliveries is done by one of my favorite courier companies, FETCHR and it’s a cash on delivery for AED20 else it will be delivered by their own team.


This is the best gift ever you can give to your children. Knowledge is power and remember Make reading a Habit! The best way to get live updates is through their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Their  is website full of information that you need for other related enquiries. Hope to read some of your feedback below this blog!



  1. Hello,
    I need help you.Can you tell me how much spend money to buy this subscription/product.
    plz message me asap.

    thank you


    • Hi! I tried clicking on their website from my post here but the link is not working anymore. You may try catching them via Instagram or let me try for you and I’ll get back. Thank you!


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