Welcome Mango and Lime, the New Flavour in Nando’s

Burj Residence 4, Dubai (November 28, 2016) the revelation of the New Flavour of Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce has taken place. I got a VIP invitation with this and they have delivered a very unique sort of a puzzle gift which is related to the event. A box with 5 bottles of Peri-Peri sauces which is supposed to be 6.


Nando’s outlet in Burj Residence has a spectacular view of the Iconic skyscraper Burj Khalifa. You can have a beautiful sight of the Fountain Show as well. Their outdoor dining is so perfect now on this season.


I went inside the restaurant for a quick view. The wall has embossed carving of South African faces with some creative pieces of painted artworks as well.


With the other fellow foodies/bloggers we underwent the food tasting just to have a hint what will be the new flavour is. From the drinks to the food, the clues were there. While we were on the process of  discovering, everyone’s chatting about each others curiosity of which flavour was it. Because we have to guess it before it will be revealed. We were all happy as well to finally meet in person with the Marketing Team especially with Carine and Lucy because we usually talk through emails only. It was lovely meeting  the whole team by the way.

20161128_18520020161128_18525320161128_193156.jpg20161128_193203.jpg20161128_194739.jpg20161128_200127.jpg20161129_12440620161128_194831One finally shouted it out it’s Mango Peri-Peri and to complete it up it’s Mango and Lime Peri-Peri sauce. The flavour is actually displayed on our tables all the while. We were all cherishing the moment. This is why  I can taste the sweetness and sourness with spiciness all at the same time. And I tell you it tasted so good with the Peri-Peri Chicken. However we had it also in Burgers and Espetada which is blending so well too.


The event was ended with a lucky draw by obtaining a fruit with a number on it. The awesome prize of a stay in Waldorf Astoria, RAK was luckily taken by the blogger who was just sitting in front of us. Everyone got their missing bottle of Peri-Peri sauce, exclusive Nando’s t-shirt which even our Hamza got it too and a customized USB.



It was pretty impressive and well-organized event. Very creative and entertaining. Staffs in these branch are down to earth yet professionals. It’s my second experience to be in a media event and it’s truly wonderful.



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