INVITED REVIEW: There are new things inside this hotel that you haven’t seen from other 4 star hotels!

What do you check first inside the hotel room? Is there any habit that you do? Well me, I usually go straight to the bathroom. And I would like to know what facilities inside it. You’ll find out later what it is.

I’ve put asterisk (*) on some details below because that’s the indication of the new things that we haven’t seen on other 4 star hotels which is actually or may applicable to a 5 star hotel.

Last Friday, we went for another hotel adventure for a weekend family staycation in Al Barsha 1, Dubai in the newly opened property of Al Khoory Hotels, Al Khoory Atrium (book here), a 4 star hotel roughly 90 days old. It’s a *6 storey building excluding the Rooftop but with *227 modern and elegant rooms. Can you imagine that?

Upon entering, a very lively lobby will be in your way because of it’s vibrant colors used with the chairs and sofas and some other interior decorations. As I have been told it’s derived from the Atrium concept itself.


20161118_204826.jpgChecking-in was very smooth because all the additional requirements needed was done already through online reservation. So I just showed them my reservation confirmation and done in 5 mins. A *complimentary welcome drink was provided as well while doing so.

We got an upgraded room on the 2nd floor (Junior Suite) when I opened the door I was stunned with amusement!


It’s a king size bed with very comfy mattress and blanket, with big square-shape pillows and some throw pillows on it. The bed is on a *wooden bedframe with lights underneath. It gives glow in the dark. All the light switches are nearby here for the whole room. One side of the bed is having an electrical outlet.


Wardrobe is built with a *Push to Open cabinets fully equipped with hangers, weighing scale, slippers, safe deposit box, *praying mat with Quran, shoe shine kit, extra pillow and laundry bag.

20161118_160947.jpgWriting desk table that’s where you can find the menu of the restaurants and some other info and tissue box.

20161118_160851.jpgA sofa set is also there aside from the living room.

Phone which can be use as a wireless too.

Qibla (direction for praying) on the ceiling nearby the wardrobe.

Temperature controlled AC

20161118_160744.jpgWooden divider with the finest and smooth finishing that’s separates the bedroom from the living room with back to back TV set. On the corner of it, the top portion is having some snacks and *additonal big bottle of water. Next is the coffee/tea facilities. Aside from the electric water boiler there’s also a Capsule Coffee Machine and under this is a mini fridge loaded with chocolates and other drinks as they call it mini bar.




20161118_160734.jpg20161118_161040.jpgA sofa set with a complimentary fresh fruits on the center table with plates.

Wireless phone

TV set


20161118_161056.jpgA rectangular table good for 4 people with tissue box. An electrical outlet is nearby this table.

A wall adjacent to this area is a full mirror. Down is another electrical outlet.

Fully-equipped, clean and spacious bathroom.




*2 bathrobes
2 sinks
*2 toothbrush
2 glasses
*1 walk-in shower
1 shower on the tub
Loaded with towels
Bigger size of toiletries

20161130_094504.jpgThe old fashion way of hanging some tags outside the door has been more convenient now with the switches nearby the door. Just simply *press the necessary button (DO NOT DISTURB, COLLECT LAUNDRY, CLEAN MY ROOM) and it will light on, on the outside. I always have problem with the tags they’re mostly get ruined by our son.

If you’re observant like me, these several things I’ve mentioned, you’ll agree that you rarely see them in a 4 star hotel. I’m sure because we’ve been to from others. With all this available in your room, you’ll get the full relaxation.

Hotel Facilities:

On the rooftop you’ll get all the body relaxation you need. There’s spa, *moroccan bath, jacuzzi, *sauna, *steam and changing room all in one place. Same goes with men. The gym they call it Calories and it’s facilitated with high quality machines and even with drinking water and TV. Now outside is where you’ll find the pool with some bench to lie down or if you want to  do some sunbathing. There’s for kids as well and washing/shower area.


20161118_19171820161118_191645.jpgThere are 2 restaurants in the hotel. Both are in the lobby. The La Atrio (Italian) and Spices restaurants. There’s a sort of cafe also you may say in front of La Atrio that serves great coffee, delicious ice cream and desserts.

20161118_19170120161118_20041620161118_20053920161118_200431For our dinner and breakfast we went to Spices that serves International cuisine (buffet). Very spacious dining place which even got sofa sets outside it for a more comfortable seating. Various kinds of spices are on displayed and a long buffet table with built-in electric stove and electric freezer tables placed on the center.

During dinner it was more of an Indian cuisine for the main course. For salad, fruits and cold mezze were mixed. I totally love the Cream of Mushroom for soup. It’s very creamy and tasty! The bread and Umm Ali were on the other end.

20161119_09295820161119_093218.jpg20161119_093045.jpg20161119_093058.jpg20161119_09301420161119_093005Breakfast was a kind of feast! I love all their main course which we really find taste good. As everyone love eggs for breakfast, there’s a section were you can put all the ingredients you would love to mix for your omelette. Different kinds of juice beverages with coffee and tea facilities were there too. A separate section of bread is on the end of the buffet table. Fresh fruits and vegetable, salads and other cold mezze were prepared to complete the whole set.

As we finished our breakfast that means our stay here is about to end. However, I took Hamza in the rooftop to make some splashes for awhile. Undeniably, you’ll see the area still under some constructions. But if you’ll look a bit further, you’ll find the great city view.

20161118_20543220161119_11085120161130_100520This hotel I can highly recommend for families who wanted to take a break. But of course it’s for everyone. If you’re a traveller, kindly make sure to add Al Khoory Atrium on your list for an added wonderful experience with your visit. Visit their website to find out the best options/choices you can get or book here. Especially now it’s peak season. Advance booking is a must!

Al Khoory Atrium Hotel is definitely up on social media so do follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. Stay updated with their best offers and deals! Don’t be left behind as well with their competitions.



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