FREE EVALUATION: A great gadget “Lumo-Lift” from Each Grain Counts!

Slouching! This is very normal for everyone. We think this is the best comfortable way of sitting so we slouch. This is a small detail that we always ignore. Slouching will actually lead you to back pain on the later stage. One more is hunchback. That’s when you don’t stand/sit straight with an upright shoulders. Now if you have been used to it nobody will ever remind you to “Hey! Straighten your back, sit up straight.” And even if someone is there for you to tell this, they will get tired and fed up.

Technology is best when it comes to gadgets of course. For the useful ones! I came to know this pin that works with an app (available for ios and android users) and vibrates whenever you slouch! Isn’t that terrific?



I got this LUMO-LIFT from Each Grain Counts through online for AED300. It’s an oval-shaped lightweight lift with silver magnetic pin with extra 2 pins as they call it Bra Clasp & an extra black magnetic clasp which can be used for other outfits. The box contains also a usb charger. The Lumo lift should be charged once every 4 days. I downloaded the app for iOS users as shown below:


Set-up was quick like around 8 mins. The Lumo Lift must be worn near and touching our collar bone. I fixed the vibration of my lift on 3 secs. So whenever I slouch or do a hunchback it will vibrate at 3 secs. Which then I have to correct my sitting/standing position.

Your data of improvement will be recorded on the app and can be seen on the dashboard. There are some other activities that it can provide for you the data such as Calories, Steps and etc.


I found it beneficial and yes can be worn anywhere anytime. The pin is simple and looks elegant so it’s absolutely ok.

Each Grain Counts does offers many more products which are very useful and most of all innovative. Such as Smart door locks, LED Hydroponic Cultivator, Time-locking container. Check their website and I’m sure you’ll find something of your interest.

Follow them socially too in Facebook , Instagram  and Twitter. And not only that, you can find their physical kiosks not only through online in:

SHARAF DG – Deira City Centre, IBN Batuta Mall, Times Square Centre, Abu Dhabi Mall, Dubai Mall

JUMBO ELECTRONICS – MOE, Deira City Centre, Dubai Mall

EMAX  – Manara, Mirdiff City Centre



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