INVITED REVIEW: If you’re in Sharjah you don’t have to travel far for Mexican food!

After my visit in Paper Fig last time in University City Road, I didn’t know that there’s another hidden gem on that same area. It was 8 months ago when Fahita (UAE) has been established and proud to have a highly skilled Head Chef, Chef Noel. With all he’s delicious food combined with an impressive presentation who knows your getting it from the humble shop in University City Road especially when you ordered it online. Yes! They are available in Zomato and Talabat. But let me tell about our visit first and our first try with their scrumptious food.


It was high noon when we hitted the road towards University City and they were busy preparing inside (we were like gate crashing!😄) Junaid was there and welcomed us. The shop is with an open kitchen and the dining area is with a high table with a high chair sort of like in a convenient store e.g. 7 eleven. They have their menu written on the wall and some colorful Mexican costumes like Hat and the Shirt which Hamza tried. I can guess that their shop is more of a delivery type on how they kept the dining area. But don’t get surprised once they serve the food to you! Let my images do the talking.


Crunchy Fahita is absolutely so good! Made with Grilled Chicken Breast and sandwiched that in with mozzarella cheese, pepper, onion, mushrooms, Fahita spicy chips and drizzled with special avocado sauce and hot sauce in a fresh soft sesame bread. Served with ketchup and Chef’s sauce. That chips is what makes is crunchy when you take a bite. Have you ever got some chips on your sandwich?


Philadelphia is superb! They’re using a Submarine Italian bread on this filled with beef fillet, mozzarella cheese, pepper, onion, mushrooms, mayo and steak sauce. Served with ketchup and Chef’s sauce also. Meat is tender and tasty! Both sandwiches were sliced in two equal sizes. Full bread size is 11 inches.


The last time I’ve tried Burritos was in FoodRustic like around 4-5 months ago I guess. Myself was jumping deep within when I came to know that they have this too. It’s not on the current menu yet because it was recently added. And there’s a difference on this. I had Burritos on wrap last time now I got the Burritos in the bowl. It was served very enticing to my eyes and colorful. It’s made up of rice with slices of grilled chicken, fresh vegetables like diced capsicums, tomato, onions, black beans and some cheddar cheese in a wooden bowl and topped with guacamole and sour cream. It was served with olive oil and laban dip and green mango with yoghurt sauce.


Lastly, the Fahita fries! Fries mixed with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce. Totally different way to munch in your fries. Served in a wooden bowl.

They’re using a wooden plank as a tray in serving. And there are tiny pots of cactus plants on the table which I find pretty cute. I know ordering food online is mostly very convenient to do. However, do make a visit to their shop and you’ll love it more to eat there.

Well I’ve tried their online service as well to see how fast it could be done. I ordered through Zomato for my dinner and I tried Quesadillas and Paratha this time. You know what’s more great about it? It’s free delivery and 15% off automatically on my total bill! I got my food in less than an hour and they got my craving satisfied.



Try it out and check them online too for some more Mexican food inspirations on Facebook  and Instagram.

Fahita Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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