A gift from Mumzworld to Hamza (unboxing)

I received a gift from Mumzworld last November for our son. The gift was placed in a gorgeous white basket filled with beautiful wrappers making it look like a bouquet. This basket was inside an opened big Mumzworld box. Which I was thinking why it has to be there?

First of all, of course we were excited to unwrap and do some unboxing. I always love receiving packages! And so I removed the basket from the box and I carefully checked the outside part of the box until I reached the part saying “Done with this box? Help a mum in need. Fill it with items you no longer need and take them to your local charity” (ding!) That’s what’s it. However it’s Busy Mumz tip #60. I wonder what were the first ones🤔. It was a good courtesy and thoughtfulness. I actually usually put my unwanted stuffs on a big plastic and recently just dumped it in, in a charity box. Now, I can fill this box more and in a better container.


Let’s head over to the gifts now! We got the Wooden Nesting Animals blocks which is a bit heavy. It has a smooth finishing so the blocks are gliding smoothly once placed to each other. With this game the child can learn about the sizes from smallest to the biggest and vice versa. He can learn about animals too like about their names and sounds they make. You can teach them the categories of these animals by the colors that were used on this toy. I was thinking if our son will be able to follow on how to play this since it has a marked for 2+. Well luckily he did. It’s about techniques! For starter, parent can put the blocks (all blocks inside each other) on the floor. Then show the child that he has to take 1 block and put it on the floor and then another 1 but making sure it has to be on top of the block this time and so the rest of the blocks. At the end, it’s like you have built up a Burj Khalifa. While it’s standing tall, this is the best time to teach them about animals and other things. Now from here, you can show him how to put it back by taking the block from the top and putting it on the floor. Then from the next block make sure to show him it has to be placed on top of the first block and until to the biggest block. That’s how I did it with our son. In a day he was able to understand it. Now the next level will be, to scatter all the blocks on the floor and he has to figure out which one should go first and should be next. Which is I still have to teach.


We got some other stuffs too like the coloring pens, some magnetic ones i.e. My Comic Life and Jungle Magnets. This Jungle Magnets are very useful in several ways. It’s for fun and learning type of product. You can use it to make fun of your photos by placing them as the heads instead of yours or anyone. Can be used for sticking some important notes too. Now the learning part is knowing the names and sounds they make while the child tries to stick them properly on the metal. Once you opened the packet, there’s actually hidden scientific names behind them. This will be useful for older kids and even for us who’s not familiar with these.


We opened up the My Comic Life which is very cool way to help kids to use their thinking cap and come up with a creative caption. Not for my child though he’s way too young for it. So there’s an erasable pen marker included, 2 magnetic frames and 13 different magnetic bubbles. So either you may want to use the frame for your photo in it with the bubbles or just use the photo alone and use the bubble to stick it on the metal. It’s very small bubbles so you can put 3-4 letters only on it. I’m keeping it for awhile and use it when he’s a bit older. Just like what I did with the markers given separately.


That’s a wrap! Hope you’ll find your needs in Mumzworld too. Whether for you or for your child or even a family or relative just like you. I’m pretty sure you will because Mumzworld got over 90k products. Look over my top picks here: Mumz Panel Picks you’ll find all the products I’ve tried and tested and of course I’m using. If you want it, you can directly add it to your cart. Pretty cool huh?



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