Boost Your New Year Skin Regime and Freeze the Ageing Process with Rodial’s Glamoxy™ Snake Range

If you’re sick of constantly having to inject your face with toxic chemicals and formulas to keep your skin looking young, then snake venom skin care products might be your new saving grace.

This freeze and smooth range of anti-ageing treatments from Rodial, will leave skin feeling instantly smoother and younger looking. The unique SYN®-AKE dipeptide mimics the effect of venom from the temple viper for a smoother complexion. Anyone concerned with expression lines, smoothness and any deep line wrinkles – this range is for you.

Glamoxy™ 15% Fruit Acid Exfoliating Pads – AED 330

The at-home facial peel with fruit acids. Packed with oxygen boosting technology, each individual face pad is soaked with GATULINE RC, derived from the “ever-lasting youth tree”, to help reveal new, fresh skin. Rich in alpha hydroxy acids, the bonds holding dead skin cells together are weakened to promote exfoliation to expose new skin, with fewer imperfections and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles as new skin is brought to the surface. Complexion will look brighter, more even toned and will have a youthful ‘straight from the spa’ glow.

Glamoxy™ Snake Mask – AED 450

An innovative jet black peel-off face mask that visibly brightens and corrects skin tone and decongests for radiant looking skin. SYN®-AKE, a dipeptide inspired by the effect of the temple viper venom, reduces the look of lines and wrinkles whilst French clay works to cleanse pores and remove excess oil and impurities. Liquorice extract acts as a skin lightening agent. Suitable for those with oily skin or looking to treat hyperpigmentation.

Snake Neck Masks – AED 375 (pack contains 8 mask sachets)


These unique neck masks combine expertise in bio-cellulose technology with innovative SYN®-AKE dipeptide to tighten, lift, tone, hydrate and smooth the neck area.

Amino acids and wheat protein help to tense and visibly tighten the skin, helping the neck area to appear younger and lifted. This is further enhanced with the infusion of intense SYN®-AKE dipeptide technology, which works to contract muscle cells to instantly freeze and lift the neck area. The bio-cellulose technology allows the neck mask to mould directly to your neck shape for the most efficient distribution of product to the neck area. Each pack contains 8 neck mask sachets.

Snake Chin & Neck Lift – AED 535


This lightweight, triple-action sculpting gel has been specifically formulated to firm the appearance of the chin and neck area. Essential amino acids combine with SYN®-AKE dipeptide, inspired by the effects of the temple viper venom, to instantly firm and lift the contours of the neck area for visibly smoother and younger looking skin.

Snake Serum O2 – AED 895


This revolutionary serum instantly minimises the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles with SYN®-AKE, a dipeptide inspired by the potent effects of the temple viper snake’s venom. Liposomes work to fill lines instantly, whilst a ground-breaking oxygen carrier boosts glow and radiance for fresher looking skin with a 3D plumping effect.

Snake Booster Oil – AED 475


A concentrated, hydrating facial oil for targeting expression lines and wrinkles. This oil works ‘behind the scenes’ to dramatically firm and tighten skin on a long term basis. Using Rodial’s unique SYN®-AKE dipeptide mimics the effects of the temple viper’s venom, giving a mild freeze-like (or frozen) effect to the skin to reduce expression line contractions and smooth and firm the skin.




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