Introducing 3-Pack Nail Polish Gift Sets from SNAILS

This Christmas, treat your little ones to some holiday glam and cheer with these stylish nail polish gift sets from Snails. Formulated with just water, Acrylic Polymers and non-toxic colorants, which are 100 percent safe for use by children, these 3 pack gift sets titled Paris, Fashion and Music, make for an ideal gift for your little ones.



Packed with shades to channel in the winter and holiday season, this gift set consists of Lady Bird, which is a classic red, Frost Queen, a frosty and gorgeous silver with mesmerizing shimmer sparkle and Lily, a dreamy blue bell hued blue with a magical iridescent hint of shimmer.



With the shades including Pinky Pink, a light matt pink shade that is as cute and lovable as your little ones, Raspberry Pie, a glossy and glittery purple colour that packs a punch and Silver Mist, a greyish silver with micro glitters, all three nail lacquers add the right chic and glamour to your little ones outfit.

SNAILS Fashion


A quite bold and unique set out of the three, this gift set consists of Prince Frog, which is a cheerful lime green shade, Make-a-Wish, a bright gold shade with a hint of glittery sparkle and Carrot Head which is a bold and beautiful glittery orange shade.

SNAILS 3 Pack Gift Sets are priced at AED 59 each and are available in over 70 outlets in the UAE, namely; Hamleys Dubai Mall, DB Babies Jumeirah, Kid’s Palooza, Times Square and Kiddyzone Stores in Abu Dhabi.




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