FREE EVALUATION: Forever Living products that I found essentials for me

As I bumped to Zoe on Facebook about her homemade cookies (Sweet Retreat UAE), I came to know she’s the owner of Alternative Health UAE too. (If you haven’t read my review about the cookies, you can read it here: Sweet Retreat UAE for you and your love ones!) Fabulous isn’t it? A truly business minded mom. And so I was able to try out some of the products from Forever Living. Yes! That’s right. Alternative Health UAE concentrates on Forever Living products. This brand I’ve heard even in our own country long way back but never bothered. Just recently here in UAE I slowly came to know about them. They have wide range of products from face, haircare, skin care, weight loss, etc. The key ingredient to all this is ALOE VERA which definitely defines natural and herbal. So what not to like right?


I got this lip balm Forever Sun Lips with SPF 30 and waterproof resistant. It’s colorless and indeed water resistant for an hour. You just have to re-apply afterwards. Well for me it’s amazing! First time to hear a lip balm with SPF. And not only that, it has a minty cooling sensation. Surely moisturizes your lips with sunscreen.


This Aloe Scrub I love it a lot! Why? It’s very gentle on the skin. Unlike the normal facial scrub that’s so rough while rubbing on your face. With the help of the microspheres jojoba (very tiny blue circles) it makes it glide smoothly and gently while rubbing it on a circular motion on your face. It leaves it soft and smooth after washing and pat to dry.


One more product is the Forever Hand Sanitizer. I always have it with me on my pouch which is inside my diaper bag. With a child with us it’s advisable to have this always available in handy. It has a good scent and made with aloe and honey! Just with one small drop of it is enough. Kills 99.99% germs.

20161226_211952.jpgThere were samples size of lotions that I’ve tried too as follows:

MSM GEL, Aloe Vera Gelly and Aloe Heat lotions which are all for soothing purposes. Except for the Heat lotion both are clear gel and unscented. You can apply them liberally and it’s absorbant however it has a sticky feeling while applying although there’s no stickiness once absorbed on the skin. The Heat lotion though is very ideal for massage if you have body pain. It has a menthol scent and feeling and fast absorbant.

20161226_211351.jpg The Moisturizing lotion is a white creme that has a collagen and elastin. There’s no stickiness while applying and it’s quick absorbant thus leaving your skin soft and smooth. It has a good scent too and if desired, you can use it as a base for make-up too. This is for the face, hand or body use.

20161226_211426.jpgLastly, the Propolis Creme a cream in color. A little more solid kind of creme unlike the lotion. This maintains beautiful skin tone and texture. It’s lightweight on skin and non-greasy. Got a good scent too and can apply liberally.

20161226_211454.jpgWhat kind of Forever Living products do you have if you do? Share it on the comment below. Follow Alternative Health UAE on Facebook  and Instagram . You may find her helpful to get the products.



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