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Convenience in the kitchen is the best feeling that you could have while preparing your favourite dishes. And kitchen equipments are indeed helpful with this. Well most of the times they are expensive indeed so not everyone will opt for it and we will just continue doing it manually and just like how we used to.

Well searching thoroughly and asking some people you know is a very useful way to discover brands that are affordable yet quality is there. Because not all brands are expensive which gives best quality at the same time. Not to forget, when they are on sale and having great seasonal promotions!


Let me tell you about ELEKTA! I’m pretty sure you know this brand very well. And you may even at least 1 of it’s products at home. Recently, I got their awesome Stand Mixer from the Platinum series. You don’t know how much happy I was😄! And of course, I was excited to unbox it.

This mixer is absolutely brilliant. It has a dough hook, beater and a whisk. All I could think about is that my kneading and baking will be so much easier this time. This also got a splash guard (there will be no flying mixture out of it) and spatula (makes the work for scraping mixture easy). The bowl mixer can handle upto 4.2L and all these are very easy to clean up as well on a running water. Just make sure don’t let it dry by its own in the dishwasher. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe it out and dry it. And most of all, it stays in place while working with it. There are rubber pads on the bottom of it that sticks on the surface.


It’s made of plastic with electroplating decoration, the dough hook and beater are made of aluminium however the whisk and mixing bowl are made of stainless steel. The speed selector has 5 kinds of speed. Once you turn the knob to ON it will start rotating. So slowly turn it to your desired speed.

Usage is very simple. To use it, just make sure it’s not yet plug and the speed selector is turn to OFF to prevent accidents. I’ve prepared a video below:

I’m very sure you’ll be happy to know that this is for the amount of AED199 only! And Elekta is available online for purchasing too aside from their branches. And just like me, I’m sure too that you don’t know all their products and you don’t know that, that this particular product might be the best option for you. You could’ve seen other bloggers showcasing some of their best-sellers and on promotion ones. This is one way you will be known about it.

And lastly, the best one is to follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to get always updated. Comment below which product you got from Elekta 🙂



  1. Dear Ms Noor,
    Can you please advise if this machine is kneading the dough perfectly? At the end of your video it felt like the dough was not perfectly blended together. I want to buy a kneader so pls suggest if it is good enough?



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