INVITED REVIEW: I can’t believe I missed a Peri-Peri offer!

My food review for 2016 ended with Nando’s from one of the recent newly opened branches in Dubai, which is Motor City. I have been stalking their new branches and wanted to share with all of you guys what differences they have from each other. Did you ever think they’re all the same?

For sure NANDO’S will definitely and definitely will be serving you the only scrumptious taste they’ve been known for about their food and the twist will be mainly on the location, interior designs and the staffs that will be serving you.

Previously I was in DFC which you can read here: New Casa for Nando’s mama mia! It’s situated in the lakeside which makes it a hot spot for customers and I can say this branch in Motor City it’s the Kartdrome beside it that can add a sightseeing view from their place and opposite of this is the Dubai Autodrome. Like our son who loves cars he enjoyed viewing outside which is a bit visible from the inside too in one corner which where we actually seated.


Now the interior design is definitely unique from others. One thing is that, they got different kinds of chairs in a table. Colorful tiles on one side of the wall, a piece of South African artwork on the other side, wooden flooring, a center table set-up for large groups, the ceiling is in a unfinished style look with some lowered lights.


The restaurant has a hand washing area inside however the washroom is outside. It’s very nearby before the Aster Optical shop.


I met Lamour, the Manager upon my visit. She was friendly and professional. She helped me choosing the  food for our lunch. So this time we got the Hummus with Peri-Peri drizzle, one of the appeatisers which is served with warm slices of pita, hummus and the Peri-Peri drizzle which you can mix on it if you want it to be spicy a bit.


I opted for the Portuguese Salad this time. It’s a very fresh mixed vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, baby tomatoes, slices of capsicums, onions, olives, etc. They will provide you with a creamy salad dressing which is under your control. You can drizzle it on how much you wanted to.


Hubby as usual took the Lemon Mint for drinks and I always try the new ones. I took Crimson Cola this time. It’s a Coca Cola mixed with pomegranate syrup and the covered with sugar on the mouth of the glass.


Now the main part was, the No Bones platter. A combination of Espetada and Chicken Butterfly with the Mango & Lime sauce. It’s the new member of the Peri-Peri sauce family. It tasted so good! It’s a mix of sweet and sour plus a mild spiciness. This platter is good for 2 people which got 4 side dishes also. We got the coleslaw, spicy rice, garlic bread and fries with this. It’s totally a complete meal!


The other main is the Grilled Chicken Tender and Spicy Rice. It’s a grilled chicken tender with peri-peri of your choice placed on a bed of spicy rice.


Lastly is the dessert which is the Chocolate Nut Torta with Nutella. This is a gluten-free cake and got some roasted hazelnuts and almonds in it with milk chocolate icing of nutella. I combined this with a coffee at the last moment. I saw Galao on the menu which I never noticed before and never tried their coffee. Galao is a Portuguese style Latte. I didn’t regret not ordering my favourite Capuccino because it’s so so good! I fell in love with it. It’s creamier and tastier than Capuccino and I couldn’t believe it. You must try this!


I ended with a little chit-chat with Lamour while embracing the goodness of the last part of our meal. I came to know that during their opening they had a 4 days free meal! Oh boy! Did you take advantage of that offer? I think I was sleeping in the other side of the world and I totally missed it else I could’ve inform you all.

Well, let’s be more active next time! Hahaha! My Nando’s adventure started in Al Qasba: The Peri-Peri Nando’s and after DFC a introduced a little info in Burj Residence branch during an event: Welcome Mango and Lime, the New Flavour in Nando’s

Have a Peri-Peri day!

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