INVITED REVIEW: Bet you’re missing a lot in Dubai Parks & Resorts

It was Friday when we exclusively went to Famous Dave’s in Riverland in Dubai Parks and Resorts. Since it was our first time to visit this place, we didn’t know we have to pay for entering the premises. So there’s a VIP parking and visitor parking (shaded AED80/unshaded AED50). On the parking area, there will be shuttle buses and tram that will be dropping/picking you up from there.


Okay so, there are 4 attractions and 2 gates as follows: Riverland & Legoland (Gate 1),  Bollywood Parks & Motion Gate (Gate 2). All of these you can have a beautiful sightseeing and take selfies as much as you wanted. So many shops also around. However, once you decided to go inside in any of these, there’s a ticket you have to purchase separately.


We dropped by to Gate 1 and we strolled down to Famous Dave’s. It felt like we went for a Time Travel because it doesn’t looks like Dubai inside anymore. And when we reached the restaurant it was studded with customers! It’s situated nearby the lake and has an outdoor dining beside the lake. It has an upper floor also where you can have a much better view of the park.



If you’re not familiar with Famous Dave’s yet since it’s flagship store started in Abu Dhabi Mall you can read my blog here: Be Famous with Famous Dave’s

Famous Uriel accommodated our table and served us with his recommended ones and favourites. While waiting for the food to be served, Famous Beer came with the chips and introduced their Famous BBQ Sauces one by one on a plate, creating a smiley face at the end.



We got our refreshing drinks at first which were the Margherita Passion Fruit, Florida Lime Cooler and the Compassion.


Followed by the Burnt Ends as Appetizer, it’s a tender pieces of Texas Beef Brisket on top of a white bread and served with crispy onion strings.


Along with this, the Dave’s Sampler Platter which is good for 5-6 people was served too. Can you imagine how 2 people can finished it? Haha! What’s on this platter? You’ll get a Smoked Salmon spread, Buffalo Shrimps, Onion Strings, Fried Pickles, Chicken Tenders, Famous Fries, Traditional Wings and some slices of grilled bread with some other dip sauce.


For the main course, the Cedar Plank Salmon is way too delicious. A Norweigan Salmon grilled and smoked with the plank that was soaked in water, for it not to be burnt fast while cooking. Served with grilled pineapple and Macaroni and Cheese as side dishes.



I got the Beef Back Ribs. It’s one of the award winning ribs of Famous Dave’s. I guess they can tell that I love bones so they gave me this. It’s less meaty and most flavorful at the same time when you grab the remaining ones with your mouth at it and it’s finger licking good! I had this with 2 corn muffins and mashed potato. What else can I ask for? I’m totally full at that point however it has to end with a dessert😉.


Famous dessert is the Dave’s Famous Bread Pudding. It’s made from a scratch bread pudding drizzled with pecan praline sauce which makes it so yummy! Plus the whipped cream and the vanilla ice cream on both sides makes it heavenly delicious.


I have met Chef Jean, the Head Chef and was trying to make some exclusive chat with him but that day was oh boy! terribly busy day. I ended with Chef Arpan and he took me to the PitMaster. He showed me the smokerhouse which has the short ribs at that moment and explained the cooking process that each parts of the cow has to take.


This is where you keep all the bones and other trash you have👌

Would you believe we spent 3 hours there? I thought we could have more time to look around after eating but we ate the time as well. So that’s the end of the day! Yallah bye!

Famous Dave's Barbecue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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