FREE EVALUATION: Let it crawl on your nails!

Was I was jumping when I saw these beauties? Oh no! You didn’t hear me wrong. Yes I was! Haha! For so long time I never did any manicure nor pedicure with painted nails. Just I always clean and cut my nails that’s it. But since I was introduced with SNAILS UAE nail polish it was a relief. SNAILS is actually meant for kids. This product was specially made safe for them. How?


> it’s non-toxic
> water-based lacquer
> paraben-free
> phthalate-free
> odorless
> washable hence stain-free too

So this is great for pregnant women and I say brilliant product for me too because muslim ladies are not allowed to have painted nails for prayers. With this you can easily remove it by washing it off with soap. Being glamorous and fashionista will not be a problem anymore. Even for students! I’m not sure here but back to my country, students (children) are not allowed to have painted nails at school. So this is ideal for them.


There are two sizes of these. Got a mini which is great to take to your handbag and the full size one. So I actually have a video to summarised these all up. Do watch it and leave your comment below.

You may want to purchase this for you or to someone? I have a great gift to share with you. Use my discount code GREATTHINGS10 to buy it from Mumzworld. You can use this link and see my review too and drag it up straight to your cart at the same time.

In the meantime, check more of their collections on Facebook  and Instagram.

Happy painting!



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