INVITED REVIEW: Eat ’til you drop “KUIDAORE ” in Benihana – Amwaj Rotana

Last Saturday was my first time to do a review alone although I didn’t go by myself but I was in Benihana in Amwaj Rotana and discovering a new dining experience alone.

I was there for the KUIDAORE theme which is a 5-course set menu. I was lead to the Teppanyaki table because the Main Course of this theme is being cooked live in front of you. The table is for a large group and I was seating there exclusively!


Anyway, Raveena was the first one I met, a very jolly and friendly staff where almost everyone knows her. So I told she’s popular! Never missed a chance to introduce herself and give service to anyone she’ll see. Even Chef Fernando is a witness. Well, that’s hospitality.

Mr. Maneesh, the Manager was there to welcome me as well and made sure that I was properly attended. Loi was one of the staffs who took care of everything when I started the meal.



You will be asked for your drinks preferences. I asked for water and a soft beverage. She then served the Soup and Salad. For this part, you’ll get a Miso soup which got seaweeds, diced tofu, miso paste and spring onion. I always like this Japanese soup. Simple and taste good. Then a colourful Benihana Salad came that’s having crispy iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and drizzled with ginger dressing. This salad is great!


Then the Hot Starter that was served in a Bento box. There’s Eda Mame (steamed green soy beans) this is sprinkled with salt and you just have to pop the beans into your mouth in a sliding motion, Gyokai Karokke (Panko-crumbed Seafood cake), Niko Dango (Japanese meatballs chicken & beef) and Ebi Tempura (lightly battered crispy fried shrimp) served with tempura sauce. You’ll enjoy all these for sure!


Next was the Chef’s Bento Box which is filled with fresh Sushi, Maki and Sashimi. There’s always a difference in taste when you eat these in a Japanese restaurant from a not Japanese restaurant. I certainly love this part too! They’re one of my faves.


Before the main course started I was served with ginger sauce and cream mustard sauce. Why? The ginger sauce will be the sauce for the seafood and vegetables that will be served later on. The cream mustard sauce is for the chicken and steak.


Now this was the entertaining part for the Main Course. Chef Fernando came with his trolley straight from the kitchen. He has showed some exercise, few fire shows and some funny jokes while cooking. He served me a Fried Rice with seasonal vegetables, Shake Teriyaki, it’s a grilled Norweigan salmon steak in teriyaki sauce, Daiwa Tori Teriyaki, it’s a grilled and glazed chicken in teriyaki sauce and lastly the Black Angus Sirloin. I have a short video of this just to give you an idea. It’s not a totally complete one.


I won’t miss the dessert of course after that! I was served with Harumaki, a banana inside the spring roll with chocolate and the Fried Ice Cream. I requested Capuccino in addition to this. Everything was fantastic! Food, ambiance and people around you. I didn’t feel alone at all because they were with me all the time. And if there’s any allergy on the food they can adjust the menu according to it. You just have to inform them.



Benihana has an elegant interior design and spacious.   You can sit anywhere you preferred and they can accommodate large group. If there’s any celebration they are on the go as well. Free valet parking and wifi available too. Click here for more info for the theme nights. Have you been following their social media accounts? If not they are just click away. Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram! Watch out my accounts too because there’ll be a competition for this. Yallah bye!

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