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Since I started hosting competitions, I have to look for a courier company also at the same time because sometimes either me or the winner’s availability doesn’t match to each other for collection process. It’s one of the circumstances that I have to figure out on which neither of the two parties will be like a burden to shoulder. I have came across 2 courier companies and a delivery marketplace which are very efficient and cost-effective especially for individual or small businesses. I have mentioned before about Skynet and Fetchr on my previous articles as my favourite courier companies. Now why I mentioned delivery marketplace for the other one?

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Introducing WING is a delivery marketplace not a courier company per se and it runs through an app available for Android users. It is a service which collaborate with other well-known courier companies that makes their service super efficient and reliable. Don’t get confused if you made a transaction with them and then a Skynet, DHL or Professional guy will be knocking on your doorsteps. Whichever courier company that works with them and which is nearby on your area either for pickup or delivery that’s the one who’ll be assigned to you. Got it? The awesomeness on this is that the price is the same all over UAE and it only varies on the weight of the package and that’s the time it will change. For example 2kg is AED13 (anywhere in UAE) and 3kg is AED14 (anywhere in UAE).

Now here’s a video for you to watch on how to use the app.

I haven’t included the International service they have on the video yet. Anyway it’s just easy to adjust. Depending either your transaction is for Pickup or Delivery, that’s where you have to change the FLAG that represents the country of origin. That’s all you have to do and the rest will be all the same as shown on the video.

Have you tried them yet? If you have do let me know your experience with them on the comment below. See yah!



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