INVITED REVIEW: It’s always good when there is something new

There are new dishes added on the menu of Food Rustic so we were there to witness this. Few months back I made my first review of them which you can read here: INVITED REVIEW: Did you say FoodRustic?  I’m a fan of Mexican food which is part of their expertise and had made hubby to like it as well. We reached their place around evening and met Chef Jeffrey in the entrance. He explained that the new dishes are not yet on the menu so he’ll randomly serve it to us.


First the Chicken Tacos came served with homemade salsa and the difference of this from before was the tortilla wrapper. It’s now doubled and with a bright orange color that gives more beautiful presentation.


The Achiote Texas Quesadillas were served in orange and green tortilla wrappers with sour cream. Fillings are chicken slices, turkey bacon, bell peppers, onions, cream, mature cheddar cheese, mozzarella and sour cream.


My new favorite Burrito followed. This is Chicken Burrito in wrapper with a length of 12″ sliced into two. This got a lot of yumminess inside like Mexican rice, refried beans, onions, lettuce, mature cheddar cheese, mozzarella (gives really extra flavor to it) and sour cream.


I’m craving for some Mexican dessert to complete this one. I got the Bunuelos similar to Churros. Bunuelos is a rounded up balls rolled to cinnamon powder, sugar, Abuelita Mexican chocolate and served with English custard.


Our first time to drink a Mexican soft drink called Jarritos. It was not that sweet unlike others and not too acidic also.

Now let me tell you one secret about this enhanced colored tortilla wrappers. Most of us will think it’s food coloring but no! The orange color is a tomato and basil extract and the green one is from the spinach. How natural isn’t it? Abu Dhabians will surely enjoy! Yallah habibi order now on Zomato 🙂

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  1. I think the new menus sounds really good. Noticed the Chicken tacos not only have double tacos wraps but they have used chicken strips instead of chicken chunks. Wondering if they have changed the ambiance or whether they have the same rustic chairs and tables that give it a nice roadside feel. Thanks so much Noor for sharing.


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