INVITED REVIEW: Dare to finish a one-metre pizza?

We didn’t miss trying the one metre pizza in Spaccanapoli in Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi too since we were in the city for the weekend. We stepped inside during lunch time and while taking a video I bumped to Petrocelli. I remembered her from a post on Instagram holding a plate of desserts. (Cho Gao review here:  INVITED REVIEW: When in doubt, go to Cho Gao)


Spaccanapoli is an Italian restaurant located in the first floor of the hotel. And just for an added info it’s a street name in Naples, Italy. The reataurant has a minimalistic and elegant interior with Italian touch.


While waiting for the pizza, she served us a salad first which is very interesting one. Capricciosa Salad which has the buffalo mozzarella cheese (white), tomatoes (red), topped with rocket leaves (green) these actually represents the flag of Italy because of the combined colors. Brilliant isn’t it? And Capri is an island in Italy. This salad was served with pesto oil. Healthy and delicious!

20170121_124654After that, 3 kinds of bread came namely, plain, sundried tomato and black olives with black olive paste and salsa verde which has parsley, mint, garlic, anchovies, lemon and olive oil. Surprisingly I loved this with the bread. I’m not really a fan of olives 🙂 but hubby is.



Now the main part finally came and we were stunned how long really it is in person. For this pizza you can pick four choices of the flavors on your own. We took the Spaccanapoli, Funghi, Caprina and Pollo e Asparagi. The Funghi is showered with truffles and it smells so so good when the whole pizza landed on our table. Petrocelli offered for more grinded parmesan cheese on Spaccanapoli and it made it more tasty.


This pizza is good for 4-5 people and it’s a good way of bonding time over the weekend. This actually offers an unlimited wine for people who drink and of course not to us I had Lemon & Mint.



Although that day the head chef was not there, the Senior Chef de Party was there, Chef Durga to serve us. Chef Masud came to our table to personally see us. At the end of the meal we got some dessert from Chef like the Creme Brûlée and Tiramisu. Great way to end the weekend!

Have a look at my video for this awesome treat below:

How about following their Facebook and Instagram? Don’t miss their fabulous deals and even competition too!

*free wifi, park easily outside or valet parking

Spaccanapoli - Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. I don’t think I could ever finish a one metre pizza but felt so good to read the review. I loved their range of items on the menu. Thanks so much for sharing your views. Appreciate it as always. Have shared on the social media platforms I am a part of and following them on instagram and facebook. #greatthingsinuae #beactivefast #fanofthemonth


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