FREE EVALUATION: Lovage Cosmetics an Emirati brand

I have discovered an Emirati brand on Instagram called Lovage Cosmetics. They are into hair, skin and mood products (perfumes) and I got curious what lovage means. As I googled it, it showed as a large edible white-flowered plant from parsley family.


Lovage Cosmetics is using natural and herbal ingredients to their products. Which you’ll find this indicated on the packaging. Their packaging is minimalistic but with complete information. Most of all it’s recyclable.


Okay I got the opportunity to try the Shea for  Conditioning (for hair) and a pocket size perfume called Lignum (fresh, leathery, woody). The shea is in 30ml size bottle and not to worry if you’ll think for how long it will last because this is applicable once a week only with just a few drops of it directly to your scalp and massage it at the same time. You can either leave it for 15 mins before taking a bath or whole night for best result. Just cover your head with a plastic cap.


It has a very good aroma and properties that makes it a good product. Such as Shea, Lavender, Palmarose and Cedarwood. These ingredients were all combined to help you revive your hair from dryness.

For me, I prefer this and I believe this procedure instead of the usual hair conditioner that we use. Because taking care of the scalp where the hair roots are is the best part of the hair to provide solution not the hair strand at all.


The perfume I got is for men. It’s an arabic perfume and to be honest and I’m not a fan of this kind. But, this Lignum is great! And although it’s for men I like using it. You don’t have to spray much too and it lasts longer. With the cute packaging I can say it’s a good item to gift.

Lovage Cosmetics can be found on some malls in Abu Dhabi ( Yas and Dalma Mall) Dubai (Etihad Mall), etc. You can also DM your order to them via Instagram.



  1. Lovely review. I too find this product better than the usual hair conditioner that needs to be left and then rinsed off. It’s great that it has natural plant based ingredients which are also safe. Great to know about this Emirati environmentally friendly company. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  2. You know Noor, the best thing I like about you is how easily you describe the products. It’s like they are in front of me and I can actually take them in my hands while you explain everything. Also, you always provide the direct links to the pages on Instagram and Twitter, and it’s so easy to go through the various products from that brand.
    Keep up the good work 👍👍


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