FREE EVALUATION: Luxury coffee made at home

Being a coffee lover, it’s a great feeling to have my coffee made something like from a coffee shop or cafe at home. Nothing could be more better than this. I have 2 kinds of coffee wherein I use a capsule machine and the cooking style for chai (tea) for the other one to brew coffee. Now this newly introduced to me is absolutely the most brilliant one! I couldn’t believe that there’s an Italian brand called Caffe di Artisan that could make your cup of coffee at home in 60 secs without any machine with their coffee pods (capsules). So I tried them to unlock the curiosity in me.



The package came with a box with a free Frother. This frother is the one which will make the foamy state of the coffee and milk. It releases the aroma of the coffee too on the process. There are 4 kinds of coffee inside the box such as Organique, Asmara, Raro and Vilasita. Among these, my favourites are Raro and Vilasita. There’s an instruction included which is very easy to follow. Watch my video below:

Now if you’ve noticed, it’s just a coffee and milk together and some added sugar. No water. Did you know that this product’s life can be extended by storing the capsules in the freezer? Yes! Normally, on a room temperature or even at the lowest level of the fridge it can last for 30 days. But once you freezed them, it can take over a year. Awesome right? Just defrost 2-3 hrs before using or put it straight in the microwave to liquify again.


It’s so magical! Caffe di Artisan has been brought to UAE to experience a luxury coffee. What’s more? It’s made to order product. It’s a fresh coffee for us. Once they received the order that’s the time they will start roasting, grinding and filtering.

Go ahead and check their website and read more about them. You can order from there or whatsapp 055 879 8113.



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