INVITED REVIEW: It’s taking a revamp for you!

A grand staycation on the newly renovated deluxe suite of Al Maha Arjaan (book here) was done last 2 weeks. I was so thrilled and felt special to have the opportunity to experience the difference of a fully transformed and modernist Al Maha Arjaan than how they used to be 13 years ago. Yes! It’s the first time for the hotel to do a revamp which indeed a favorable for their loyal and future guests. It’s not 100% finished yet but it’s on its way.

If you haven’t known yet, Al Maha Arjaan is situated on a strategic place on the corner of Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi so you’ll find the intersection road. If you’re staying on a higher level, it’s a nice view of the city during at night looking at that section especially if you’ll be doing a time lapse video of it. If you’re the kind of person who loves to walk, you can reach the corniche area by walking. It’s just straight down the road. The World Trade Centre is also pretty nearby.


As we checked-in, Nizam was helpful to do the transaction smoothly and to give some details about the hotel to enjoy our stay. We were given the room on the 12th floor and it’s right in front of you once you’re out of the elevator. Pretty cool! But what’s cooler than that? It’s when I opened the door and seeing the soft and nice carpeted flooring with a kitchenette that’s fully-equipped and halfway opened so you can have a view of the dining and living room; the bathroom is very spacious with a walk-in shower and a bath tub shower with 2 perfectly clean folded bathrobes, and loaded with complete toiletries. Now the dining area is with a glass table good for 4 seaters with nice and comfy chairs.


The living area is facilitated with LCD TV attached on the wall, avaya phone, elegant lamp shades, and even the center table. The sofa set is very comfortable for resting and relaxing while watching your favorite show with some throw pillows. The suite is decorated with beautiful pieces of paintings and it’s built with AC controlled temperature. It has several electric outlets also almost everywhere so it’s very convenient when it comes to charging your devices.


In the bedroom itself, it’s a King size bed that’s waiting for you. The bedding was nicely tucked in with very soft pillows. The cabinet with sliding doors is equipped the safety deposit box, shoe shine, 2 pairs of slippers, hangers, extra pillow and the iron with iron stand. The room is facilitated with 2 phones. One nearby the bed and the other one is on the writing desk table which is a avaya phone. On this table there are 3 drawers just like in the living room but with this one you’ll find the hair dryer on the first drawer. On this same area another LCD TV is attached on the wall. A small sofa set is also available which really makes it easy for you to find your relaxation area anywhere in the room. ( some other details you may find on the video below which I haven’t mentioned)


While I was still trying to take more photos, a knock on the door came and to our surprise it was a room service and he has delivered a welcome fruits and sweets. A very nice gesture indeed. I usually just see the complimentary fruits and sweets on the room right away. This is the second time it happened again.


After a short break with that, I went to the 21st floor. This is the recreational club area of the hotel. There is Gym which is open 24hrs, Spa which has 1 couple massage room and 3 single rooms with relaxation area. They have 2 masseurs one from Thailand and the other one from Philippines. The changing rooms are in between the gym and reception area (towels and key for locker is here). Inside the changing room is the steam room also. Now for the pool, you have to take the stairs up to the rooftop. A beautiful sky is up there and the sun shining down on the pool. No separate children’s pool there but there’s a Jacuzzi next to it. Nice and comfortable chairs for sunbathing, shower and a lifeguard for everyone.


We had our breakfast the next day in Cafe 302 on the lobby level. I visited them last August for an exclusive review that you can read here INVITED REVIEW: Cafe 302 Eat.Drink.Chat – Al Maha Arjaan. Warm smiles on a beautiful morning is really contagious. It was lovely to meet once again Dragana and Chef Maren. Have a look on my video below on our remarkable staycation in Al Maha Arjaan. Giving excellent service and hospitality. Visit their website to check the best deals for you or book here!


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  1. The pictures showing the renovation of the deluxe suite of AL Maha Arjaan are witnessing the existing improvements in the luxury waiting for the guests.The pool at the rooftop is very much beautiful.


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