INVITED REVIEW: Has served you before and will continue to serve you now and even better

The Metropolitan Hotel has just reopened last December 2016 after 3 and a half years of break on a new location in Sheikh Zayed Rd (Al Thanya St.). Together with this, there are several restaurants in this 4 star hotel that we have to explore for you to know what they have in-stored for you.



Don Corleone is an Italian restaurant on Mezzanine floor which has been part of the hotel since 1979 and it’s one of the first Italian restaurants in Dubai. And so you’ll find some old framed photos on the wall. Enjoy their delectable dishes in a very charming ambiance and upbeat background music.



What we had during our visit? We were welcomed by Mr. Oliver, the Manager and assisted us himself with the food. We came up with Caprini Salad and Margherita Pizza to start with. While that being prepared, a complimentary starter was served. That’s a mixed of sliced white and brown bread with sundried tomatoes and black olives paste. A basket of crispy fries for Hamza came with his coloring materials and a new set of cute fork and spoon. This shows that the place is a family friendly one. I love it!


This big piece of Buffalo Mozzarella cheese on a bed of slices of tomatoes came with some drops of pesto oil around it. Mr. Oliver came with a giant pepper grinder and spreaded some fresh grinded pepper on it. The Margherita pizza came along with this which is a basic sort of pizza. It’s a thin layer crust based with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. We have tried this from another Italian restaurant but this is so delicious. I asked if any other special ingredient in it coz it really tasted different. But none.


We took some mocktails for refreshment. We had Mix Berries Mojito and Lemon Mint. The Lemon Mint was served with smooth crushed ice which it was first time to happen. I missed Mojito and I super love the Mix Berries it was not that sweet and blended well with other fruits.


For our main, it’s Pan-Fried Salmon fillet with risotto rice and lemon sauce and the Beef Lasagna which is not yet on their menu. The salmon was cooked well as we requested and just how we liked it. Skin was so crispy and you can’t just simply get enough of it especially when partnered with the lemon sauce. It matches very well also with the risotto rice. Beef Lasagna is loaded with flavorful minced beef. So it’s meaty and creamy with showered mozzarella cheese.


To complete the meal, we had the Panna Cotta. I usually take Tiramisu in an Italian restaurant but it’s time to try other desserts too. This is a glazed Panna Cotta with red fruit paste. Decorated with some colorful berries and meringue that gives a beautiful and lively presentation.

Watch my video below to see the whole new Don Corleone but still will be serving you their finest and authentic, traditional dishes as well known even before.

Catch them on Facebook and Instagram to see more foodography! WIFI available just ask for the passcode and valet parking.


Don Corleone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

*GROUPON image from Google



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