FREE EVALUATION: Indulge to your dessert within the Jar

As a sweet person it makes me feel excited when I see something different or unique concept when it comes to dessert. This is how I got interested with Jarful that I bumped on Instagram. It’s a homemade delicacy unleashing different kinds of flavours with very enticing presentation within the jar.


I have tried 3 flavours of this namely: Brownie Peanut Butter which has brownie, peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache, Lotus Cheesecake that’s biscuit base, cheesecake, and lotus spread and the Double Chocolate it’s Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream on top.


I’ve noticed the jar is light. It’s ok for a child to carry and indulge to it alone but with adult supervision. I was glad to see Hamza eating happily independently. They are yummy and freshly made upon order. This is a dubai-based and orders are preferably in Dubai only. However because of being well-known with the delicious and attractive product, can’t help getting orders outside Dubai. In this case, it’s ideal and even recommended by the owner for the products to be picked up personally to avoid disappointment. These are sensitive items and without proper handling it can get distorted. We don’t want this to happen especially if it’s for a special occasion isn’t it?


The good thing also is after eating. You can reuse the jars for something else as a container. Wanna make them part on your special occasion or better yet gift it to a special someone? Scroll the mouth-watering flavours here and make your order. Payment is cash on delivery and as I mentioned earlier delivery depends on your location. For more inspiring foodography for you check their Instagram page!



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