INVITED EVENT: Opening its doors for you and your whole family

It was a mixed feeling between the weather we had last Thursday (Feb. 2) with the scheduled staycation in Ras Al Khaimah. The weather was very frightening outside but we were able to manage to reach RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) safely. Alhamdullilah! Jannah Hotels and Resorts has opened a branch last February 1 which is within the vicinity of Mina Al Arab. Another luxurious stay for everyone having 100 units of spacious 2-bedroom apartments and 22 private villas from 3-6 bedroom. The apartments are facing the marina view while the villas can take advantage of the sea view.


During this stay review, we were not the only one who visited the place. This was attended by other bloggers  who were there since Thursday night. We came the next day only and so we missed half of the program. However, I did what I usually do. I took myself for a tour and explored the area on my own way.


We were given the 2-bedroom apartment on the 1st floor of Bldg #9. The property has 20 buildings in total and the cafe, restaurants, shops, leisure and other facilities are outside the buildings. You’ll get to find them from Bldg 1 – 17.  Here, you’ll find Karim butlers assisting your needs. The elevators are in digitals. Hallway has a background music playing with colorful scenic images on the wall.

We were astonished how spacious the apartment was. Especially with the living room. You’ll get the feeling of being at home and not being on a limited space just because you’re on a holiday or vacation. The kitchen is fully furnished from the cupboards, cutlery to appliances. I love the balcony from the living room which has a small table set there with a beautiful marina view. Same view you’ll get from the 2 bedrooms.


Hamza was happy to see a crib in the master’s bedroom. It was one of the area he kept on going in and out for playing since the one end of the crib was with a zipper that you can open and he can just enter from there instead of hopping in from top.


Everything was clean and neat! The sofa set was made in Velvet and I enjoyed gliding my hands on them because of its softness. Throw pillows were so soft and comfortable enough. A complimentary welcome snacks was waiting on the table when we reached. Some sandwiches, tarts, chips, sliders and desserts.


The only thing was left from the program for me to be able to join them that day was the Seafood Dinner. And it was supposed to be in a grilling mood outside but because of the weather it was set inside the villa itself for the safety of all. The dinner was exclusively prepared by Exec. Chef Wafi Halimi of Jannah Al Sarab who came down all the way from Abu Dhabi too. It was a delightful dinner.


I was hoping that night before sleeping that even at least before we go back in the morning, I can have a look at the beach or the sunrise. I can still hear the strength of the wind from the window blowing heavily. Alhamdullilah! The weather has totally been fine the next day. If you’re intrigued and wanna check this experience out for yourself then you can book here.

Here’s what Jannah Hotels and Resorts in Ras Al Khaimah offers you from a 2 bedroom apartment:


* image from Google



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