INVITED REVIEW: A traditional taste of Lebanese cuisine

Zahr El Rouman has been established last 2 years ago and it’s happily serving its customers on the ground floor of Millennium Tower in Business Bay. It has a shisha area which is outside the restaurant and the upper floor is ideally for families. The restaurant is colorful and decorated with some artificial plants in pots which Hamza never left. I found the chandelier on the stairway as an attraction. Because of it’s vibrant color and old fashion style. There are LED TV’s also on the wall.


We went there last Saturday with 2 other friends to witness their traditional Lebanese dishes. We seated on the upper floor and this part has a Sheikh Zayed Road view. We had a lot of dishes that we tried and oh boy we were spoiled to the max!


A refreshing juice that’s a mixed of Lemonade, Mango, Mint and Ginger was served to start with. It’s flavoursome and tasty! Hubby picked Hummus with meat and I chose Fatoush for salad.


Hummus was so creamy and not to mentioned when the olive oil is mixed with this, it gives more goodness to it.  This was topped with pan fried lamb meat and pine nuts. The puffy, fluffy and freshly made bread was a very good combination with this. It so soft and once you break it, the smoke will come right out! Super hot!


Fatoush was showered with pomegranate seeds that our son loved. And I have to request a tiny bowl of the pomegranate for him. And me? Because of the topping crispy bread. When all come together inside my mouth it blends all well. Mixed fresh vegetables, sumac, lemon juice and olive oil.


Now other meals we’ve tried were all served with crispy fries. Meat is tender and juicy! We had the Mix Grill ( lamb brouchette, shish taouk and meat kebab), Chicken Kebab, Chicken Taouk and Shawarma Plate.

The Falafel, Kibbeh Bil Joz and the Cheese rolls are part of hot mezze and as finger foods we enjoyed them a lot!


Grilled Jumbo Prawns oozing with flavour you can even sense from the air

We’ve noticed the serving time is not the usual type like it will come in 10 mins. I want to highlight why. Because everything was freshly made once ordered. You’ll be able to determine it yourself once you take a bite! So better give them your list and not to tell them 1 by 1.



Three of their desserts came. We got the CheesecakeDates Cake and the Lebanese night with Katcha ice cream and Cotton Candy. This Lebanese night is a must try. You may not pick it on the menu as you’re not familiar with it but I’m sure you’ll like it too and even kids. The Dates Cake I felt like it’s so nutritious because of the dates molasses in it. Matched well enough with the caramel sauce surrounding it with the vanilla ice cream. The watermelon was sweet. Yum! Yum! Ended our meal with yummy tummy.

Zahr El Rouman is on Zomato. They do deliveries and when we were there I can tell they’re doing good. Have you been to their place? Which food have you tried? Share them on the comment below. And don’t forget to check their Facebook and Instagram.

*Wifi avaialble just ask for the passcode
*Common washroom
*You can opt for the uncemented parking


*GROUPON image from Google

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