FREE EVALUATION: It’s fine with me FINE BABY diapers

Would you believe I finally got my hands on this surprise box from FINE Baby just like other mommies? Well what made me push on this it’s because they got an improved diaper launched now. Along with this, you’ll get other products too from FINE Tissues.

I don’t stick to one brand to be honest. I guess we’ve tried 4-5 brands until recently we’ve been relying on X brand for quite some time. The reason why I wanted to try FINE Baby? Well, it’s recommended by MWA (Medical Wellness Association) and as mentioned on the packaging it’s Super Dry.


I immediately used this to Hamza to see the difference from the current one we’re using. I found out that it’s indeed stretchable on the waist and doesn’t make marks or redness on the skin of the baby either on the thighs or waist. Based on my observation, it’s suitable for him at night and yes his sleep is better than this since it keeps him feel dry while asleep however during the day because he’s so active and keeps on jumping and roaming around so I guess that’s why it sags down when it’s filled up. The back of the diaper is made of cotton so when you touch or pat this area it feels so soft. The green area is where the chamomile lotion is present and it is responsible for taking care the sensitive skin of the baby from the urine that’s getting trapped down there. This green layer is wide unlike others and it has a super absorbent gel core which blocks the fluid away from the baby’s skin.



Along with this I was able to try the Fine Baby wipes. It’s alcohol free and has the aloe vera scent. This combo is my partner at night and even for travelling. We bought another pack of this just recently in Carrefour for AED55 for size 5 and it’s 70pcs. As of now I haven’t seen any damaged piece as well unlike other brands. So nothing so far has been wasted.


Have you been using this? Let me know your experience with it on the comment below. Catch them on Facebook and Instagram you might get one too.



  1. Yes using this for my daughter with special needs. She’s 16 and @ this papers really keeps her dry for long time. Hey I wish to get one surprise box too. Haven’t tried fine wet wipes yet. I buy other brands which ever comes in my budget ☺

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  2. Am also using fine baby diapers for my kids. After trying all brands finally am satisfied with fine baby diapers. Am always buy their jumbo offer packs available in supermarkets. I love fine baby products.:-)


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