INVITED REVIEW: May the fork be with you

Another discovery in University City Road in Sharjah when it comes to new food trending. I guess it’s becoming the hot spot right now. I’m talking about The Fork Cafe (The Fork UAE) this time. It’s close to the vicinity area of Paper Fig. They just recently opened last month and it’s getting rave reviews already. As of me? I found them on Instagram =)


This shop is for takeaways alone. Their food are awesomely prepared at your convenience since it’s a takeaway by the team of Chef Ronnie. Sandwich are on their bite size or still can slice them on half if you love to. Desserts are also also sliced up already so just can lift it up with the fork that’s already included on the packaging. Drinks? Well they are in a very cool and cute bottles. No spills.


We tried all their specialties on the menu. The sandwich, Fork Balls is available in 6 yummy flavours as follows:  Cheese and Chicken, Chicken Mushroom, Mix Cheese, Burger, Chips and Shrimp. They are crispy outside and soft in the inside with the yummy stuffed fillings. It’s very delicious and kids will surely love it too especially the cheese flavour.


Dantel is one of the desserts we tried. Sort of similar to Crepes. This has several nice flavours that you can choose or mix match from like Nutella, Honey, Lotus, Cheese, Labneh and Zaatar. What we got was the Nutella with Lotus. So it’s a 2-pc Dantel with a spreaded nutella inside and drizzled with lotus on top with a chocolate symbol of The Fork Cafe and sliced in 4 pieces.


There’s a Classic Bubble Waffles in 3 kinds i.e. Green (Pistachio), Pink (Strawberry) and we tried the Classic (Chocolate) with some pretzels and vanilla ice cream on top and even crowned with sprinkles. This is already sliced so no need to worry about messing up.


The Noodles Crepe was fun to see it available. Drizzled with chocolate and topped with vanilla ice cream and decorated with fresh strawberries and a choco flake. Kids will like this also for sure.


And did you know their shakes? They’re way too cool and delicious! On a very cute glass bottle you can choose for Chia Shake or Falooda. I’m reusing it at home for a quick glass of chilled water or you can come up with something else for the kitchen.


They’re using London Dairy ice cream for all their toppings and the packaging has a fork inserted right behind the cover. So I was thinking, is this could be the reason why they call it The Fork Cafe (UAE)?

Grab yourself some of these and try through ordering online on Zomato or you either call 06 550 0666 or whatsapp 055 200 4222. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more foodography!


The Fork Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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