FREE EVALUATION: This time it’s for me and for him

As far as body lotion concerns Palmer’s is one of the leading brands that can come up with the best ones! Recently just right on time for the Valentines Day, I received a beautiful gift from them and it includes something for hubby too. I got the Cocoa Butter formula lotion which is a full size of one of the body lotions that I reviewed from the past that you can read here: FREE EVALUATION: You have to pick one only and not all even if it’s hard to make a choice


This is favorable on dry and rough skin because it softens and smoothens it with a locked-in 24hr moisture. If you’ll continuously use this regularly and if you have some scars or marks on the skin it will eventually lighten it or even help to disappear.


The interesting part this time was for hubby. A lotion for men that can be used for body and face. It smells so fragrant very manly! It’s made from Cocoa Butter formula too with Vitamin E.

What’s Cocoa Butter?

  • Cocoa butter is vegetable wax extracted from the cocoa beans
  • Cocoa butter provides a barrier for the skin that will protect it from outside agents
  • Cocoa butter is a great source of antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and help save your skin from the inevitable signs of aging and environmental stress factors
  • Cocoa butter has very effective healing properties. Its antioxidants battle scars, scratches and stretchmarks
  • If you have a scar from former acne issues,a cut,or similar discolored areas, try to use cocoa butter regularly and you will notice them looking much lighter or even disappearing.

As what he told me, it’s fast absorbant on the skin and moisturizes it right away that removes the scaly look of the skin especially on this cold weather. Since it’s non-sticky and non-greasy he found it beneficial to use. He can use it after shaving too since he shaves full on his face to soothe his skin. Above all its 24 hr moisture just like the other body lotions.


Now we actually find ourselves pampering our skin every night together. Before he will see only me roaming around with this while massaging it to my skin for better absorption and it’s just another use of this lotion. It’s brilliant for Palmer’s to come up with this. It gives another way of bonding for us =)


So this can be both liberally applied to your skin daily. Spoil your skin with great ingredients from great products. Keep them moisturise and hydrated with Palmer’s. Available in almost all leading supermarkets near you like LULU and Carrefour.


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  1. This sounds really great. Lotion for men. Me too have really dry skin . Now my hubby and me will be applying lotions too. Will shop for this in my next shopping trip.

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