INVITED REVIEW: Want to enjoy eating your fave and healthy at the same time? Check Crustique

Our visit to Crustique was on a perfect timing with the weather last Saturday. It was rainy day! They are absolutely the perfect place to hang out. A bakery and a cafe.



They are located on the ground level of the new Ministry of Energy building in Al Falah St. Abu Dhabi. The ambiance is light and very pretty. The big pillows on the chairs gave a sign of comfort. A place like you can spend more of your time and not just to dine.


Crustique came out from a combination of 2 words i.e. Crust (crust from a bread) + Rustic (country style, traditional). Their goal with their products for their customers is pretty much related to it. To give some details about it, their bread has no yeast added. So that even acidic person can enjoy their fresh bread. They also make their products dairy-free and gluten-free to make it more healthier and for people who are health conscious can make their way to them.


When it comes to creating their products, they don’t use machines. They’re using their skillful hands and different molders from each kind. As of now, you may notice from their menu that it’s all about baked items and salad however later on this will grow once the gas is in placed.


Crustique makes different kinds of bread daily and upon order. They make French and Italian bread and Spanish baguette. They can customised it for bulk orders. They do customised hampers as well for special occasions and through Deliveroo you can make your order online.

Now when it comes to their coffee, they will make sure to visit the roastery place. Crustique uses Brazilian beans and I tried their Capuccino and it tasted different from others where I usually get the same taste. Different but still taste good.


Mr. Dinesh, the Manager, along with Head Chef, Chef Sheldon were both there and made me taste some of their specialties. Personally, I had chosen one sandwich which was Mozarella and Tomato.


I took one salad, Chicken Caesar. It’s loaded with big thin slices of chicken breast, crunchy lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and drizzled with caesar dressing.


Mille Feuille a custard slice as a classic French pastry. This is one of the desserts I love which you’ll enjoy and not sweet.


The items were specially brought from the kitchen were the Belgian Waffles which was crowned with berries and maple syrup and topped with chocolate ice cream with chantilly cream on the side.


The Forest Berries was a mixed of strawberries, black and blue berries and even banana. I love this smoothie!


Since coffee was part of the discussion, I was served with a French press served with hot milk. However as recommended by Chef Sheldon, black without sugar will be much better. And I did, you’ll of course appreciate more the taste of coffee or even tea when it’s black.


At the end we had a taste of the tea as well with saffron. It was a Karak Chai.


Now there’s a story of the Croffin pastry by Chef Sheldon. Well have you heard of Croffin yet? A croissant without many layers made in a muffin molder. That can be stuffed with different fillings. Therefore a croissant + muffin = croffin. A funny story with a great creation.

So this doesn’t ends here. Brunch just got started and as I’ve said new menu will definitely be up. So catch them on Facebook and Instagram for instant updates!


Crustique Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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