FREE EVALUATION: Checking out these awesome products of Coffee Planet

Well as a coffee lover, I do use some other brands at home or even drink different ones in the cafe or restaurant. But one thing for sure it’s always a Capuccino. If you have read my recent obsession with Caffe di Artisan that you can read here: FREE EVALUATION: Luxury coffee made at home. Now this time around I wanted to talk about Coffee Planet. Actually they have invaded our kitchen for a long time now. From the time they still have their old packaging and now they got a new look and even new products.

Coffee Adventure

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I’m featuring 3 kinds of their products on this article. They have ground coffee, coffee beans and ones in capsules. What I got were the English Breakfast (ground) which definitely great for breakfast, Burundi a single origin coffee (ground) and Organic Espresso (capsule).

I can compare the efficiency of making a coffee between the English Breakfast and Organic Espresso since the taste and result are pretty much alike. The only difference which is obviously one is grounded coffee and the other is capsule.

To be honest, I don’t have the brewer or presser to consistently use the ground coffee twice a day since our presser got broken last time. So now what I did was to boil it in a pot  and I had the opportunity to use one of the Moccamaster of Coffee Planet for a week to enjoy this coffee much better. You’ll see the process together with this below:

Therefore I found coffee in capsule easier for me. Just within a minute I have my cup of coffee with my hands. Watch how I did it below:


Burundi is a single origin coffee. Let me say first that it’s a name of a country. Well I haven’t heard of Burundi so if you’re like me then yes! Now you know it’s a country. It’s one of the countries that are specialised in making coffee. It’s known to have intense body and sweetness. So this is why it’s a special coffee origin.

So yah, this is part of my routine nowadays and since then I appreciate more coffee this time and I know how to make it much better as well. I used to have more coffee capsules before and since I don’t know how to properly use them they got expired and have been thrown at the end. Just wasted. Now I have few more left and I’m pretty sure will go until the last capsule!


I have few packs of ground coffee too in different flavours so I might get a new presser later on to make it more comfortable on making coffee. Gone are the days with Instant Coffee!!

Coffee Planet has an online store and which ships International. So if you’re reading this article and would love to try some of their products wherever you are, have a look here and make your order.

For more coffee inspiration follow Coffee Planet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also sometimes do GIVEAWAYS so don’t miss that! I’ll be hosting one that’s a hint.

Which coffee do you use? Let me know on the comment below and I might try it too!



  1. I drink Nescafe Creamy White every other day but I would also love to try Burundi and seems like your blog about it is enthusiastic and very convincing. Thank you!

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  2. I am following you as far as my coffee is concerned… First I got to try Coffee Planet because of you and now my latest love is Caffe di Artisan.
    Btw, I tried making Coffee Planet coffee your way, by keeping a tissue on top of the strainer. It’s much better now. Thanks to you 😙

    Liked by 1 person

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