FREE EVALUATION: Pampered by White Room Spa in JLT, Dubai

I have visited White Room Spa in JLT  (Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai) for a Swedish Massage. I didn’t know them but through Tish Tash (A marketing agency) I came to know it. They are located in Cluster U on the basement of Al Seef Tower 3. The easiest way is to go down the stairs from the outside parking not from the building.

The spa faces the lakeside so you’ll find birds flying around and see the neighbouring tall buildings. It has been operating for 5 years and they also have in Dubai Marina. Recently a new branch has been opened in IBN Battuta Mall which provided amazing offers to their customers.


White Room Spa provides services like Blow Dry, Mani/Pedi and full massage since this branch has room for massaging. The interior is in fully white color and only the nail polish gives color for the spa. They have welcome drink which is more of a detox one aside from the water inside the massage rooms.


This is your view when you face down =)

The massage room is facilitated with shower. The lavender oil was over a burner by a candle. The background music for relaxation is played from the mobile phone which I found odd. I only figured it out since I’m facing down when the music stops whenever there’s notification. There are hangers behind the door for your clothes.

My masseur that day was Ella from Philippines. She did some checking before starting. Temperature, pressure and even minor stretching. The session went fine and I can say my body was rejuvenated once again especially my back.

Do you know why your body pains after a massage? Or have you heard anyone saying about this after their massage experience? Well it doesn’t mean it didn’t go well but it actually did. Through massage radicals are freed that have been built up inside our muscular. You may really feel sick like you have been beaten up 🙂 just take some aspirin or ibuprofen as people usually do for body pains.

Swedish massage is for AED245 for an hour. You may want to check their Facebook and Instagram for some future offers and promotions.




  1. Thank you for the extream piece of information which I kept in my thought . Why the body pain after a message. Got the answer from you. Excellent review dear 👍❤👧

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