INVITED REVIEW: Chamas in Intercontinental Abu Dhabi

How much do you like a Brazilian type of restaurant? If you’re not familiar with it what would make you to try it? Well to me when I was informed it’s serving 16 cuts of meat non-stop to your table, I said I’m in! It’s not my first time to try this kind though but a second time. The reason is to see the difference or similarities of course.


Last Friday we had a delightful dinner in Chamas means Flame in InterContinental Abu Dhabi. And when we speak of Flame that must be GRILL or BARBECUE isn’t it? And I love grilled food! To top it off you will get 4 kinds of meat not only one. That’s Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Duck in 16 cuts.


16 cuts as follows:

Fillet with Parmesan cheese, Tenderloin with Veal Bacon, Chicken Drumstick, Beef sausage, Marinated Beef, Flank Steak, Picanha, Top Sirloin Wagyu, Rib Eye Angus, Beef Short Ribs, Top Side Wagyu, Lamb chops, Lamb leg, Duck breast, Baby beef, Sirloin cubes, Pineapple


You’ll start with some starters before the meat will start proceeding to your table. They served fried banana, cheese bread and tapioca. Then some side dishes that you can add in with the meat like black beans, beef fried rice and mashed potato. The rest of the items are beautifully setup on the buffet like bread, cheese, salad, fruits and desserts.


Meanwhile, I don’t want to forget mentioning that there will 2 sort of cards you can say that they will be giving you. That will help you and the server of the meat if you want more (GREEN) or stop for awhile (RED). Just place the right color on top of the table accordingly.


Once the meat started coming you’ll feel the excitement! Thinking which one will come next. While you’re getting to that mood, the live entertainment they have in Chamas is being performed by Latino band. Latino songs that even if you don’t understand it sounds great to your ears! They have great singers.

You might think “This sounds like a bar, are children acceptable?” True this is a bar however a restaurant as well. They have a separate dedicated bar for people who want to purely drink. Now in the restaurant, that’s where dining is and children are welcome.

This is available daily and you can make your reservation online.

Packages are: (based on their website)
AED230*, salad bar, 16 types of meat +ย 1 signature dessert
AED285*, salad bar, 16 types of meat + 1 signature dessert + unlimited regular bar

A 50% discount is granted on your total bill if you step into Chamas from 18:00 and leave before 20:00

You might find it a bit congested near the buffet area especially on weekends or the day they have promotions, well you can opt to be seated before the reception of the restaurant or even outside where you can have a view of some yachts.

Chamas Churrascaria & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Soothing music
    Wow !!! What attracts me is 50% off the bill from 8pm to 10pm. Would definitely try this place.

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