FREE EVALUATION: Let’s say Alhamdulillah for everything

Ayeina is a combined name of two sisters. That’s Ayesha and Samina both beautiful names mashaAllah! So basically it’s an islamic lifestyle blog and #Alhamdulillah for series is a mini gratitude journal they’ve creatively crafted.


Since it’s a mini type journal you can bring it with you and it’s always great to look upon those things that we never even thought of we should be grateful and thankful for in our daily lives. Our life is so complicated that we always think of our problems. Problems that need solutions and gives stress to us. This is a very useful tool to look back and make realization.


In this journal there’s an activity that you can commit yourself to do in a month. After knowing in general for what you have to be Alhamdulillah for, it’s time to jot down your own. Write them down one by one daily. And at the end of this, you’ll get the list of what you’ve been thankful for for a month and finally realising that you are still blessed and worth a living.

I have tried this myself and noted them daily and even made a video of it. You can watch it below:

I can only think like how many of us can still do this right now? I’m thankful for knowing Ayeina and I was able to make time for this. Ayeina is available in Pakistan, KSA and UAE alhamdulillah! If you want to get your own journal you can check their website or better yet look out for some collaborations they’re doing with fellow bloggers and you might win one for yourself or your child.

For older kids, this is highly recommended to have one. You can also just print it since they have FREE printable ones online. Ok let me spill it here too. I’ll be hosting a giveaway of this journal in few days so I hope you’ll watch for it. For the meantime, learn more about them on their blog and follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.



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