INVITED REVIEW: Family time in Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa

Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa is located in Ministries Complex area just right after Al Seef Village Mall in Abu Dhabi. Andalus just recently opened and celebrated their 1 year this March. Its concept is entirely different from a usual resort, when you will normally think of a pool and beach only and it’s not. You’ll find out why.


They have a spacious lounge area on the reception and mostly in white interior and while checking-in you’ll be offered an arabic coffee called qahwah (Emirates ID for UAE residents and passports for tourists needed to check-in).

The types of room they have here ranges from a Studio, 1 bedroom suite, 2 bedroom suite to 3 bedroom suite. They are categorized by blocked alphabetically.

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This place is like a small community. Why? Because once you stepped right in after the reception area, you’ll see the restaurants, cafes, spa, salon, gym (separate for men & women wherein there’s water, face towels, changing room and toilet inside), lawned area and the pool within these low rise buildings. There is a direct access to the mall/parking as well. You’ll see children freely and safely playing around and passing by these restaurants and cafe where people enjoying each others company with a cup of coffee, people coming from the mall to ran some errands and so on and so forth. So everything is within your reach while you’re getting the “feel at home” type of stay with them.


We got the 1 bedroom suite on which the kitchen is fully furnished and fully equipped so you can do your home cooked meals. Yes! You don’t have to mind going to the restaurants but you can cook your favourite meal. A complimentary tea/coffee facility is also provided. I enjoyed having our cup of tea (chai) on our usual way of making it for breakfast and made some Mac and Cheese and Korean noodles too. So comfortable and convenient that’s why it’s a “feel at home” place for us.


The living room is having a very relaxing sofa set with big soft throw pillows. Watching our favourite hindi movies while munching some snacks was one of my favourite scenes! You’ll find several brochures also of the restaurants from the mall that offers food delivery on the table below the TV. Several electric outlets are almost everywhere in the entire unit.


A separate washroom is available in this area which is  next to the kitchen. The balcony is very spacious! The dining table is shaded with a tent cover and two beach chairs just in case you wanna do some sunbathing from there. The pool is so viewable from the balcony. And from the bedroom you can directly go to the balcony also. It’s a King size bed with very soft pillows with the elephant and rabbit (made by folded towels) placed on top of the bed. In the cupboard you’ll find safe deposit box, bathrobes and hangers. It has an attached bathroom with necessary toiletries (toothbrush, shaving kit and slippers are upon request dial 0). I only find the light in the bathroom very dim (yellow light) I can’t see myself properly.

We had a 2 night stay in this amazing place and I can say it’s a must on your list! On the 2nd day, we went to Happiness Island for a brunch. All guests have complimentary access to this island. Our full story can be read here: INVITED REVIEW: Fun sunny day in Happiness Island


Around 4pm of the same day, we went for a swim. Hamza found he’s perfect swimming area wherein we don’t need to hold of him much. So he enjoyed plunging and attempted to float by himself. The pool is guarded with some lifeguards and towels are available to use from there.



On our 3rd day, it was a home alone for me and Hamza. Hubby went for work so I made myself busy by cooking some Mac and Cheese! After that we went down for a little stroll for the last time before going home. I sat outside the San Francisco Cafe and ordered a cappuccino. You’ll get to see their staffs walking or by the club car around the area. Keeping and maintaining the place for their valuable guests.

The time has come that we have to leave. Srikanth (one of the Alonso –  well connected and up to date with everything in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and are available to assist you at any time of the day. You may read in details here on what services they can provide you) was there again to help us with our stuffs. It’s truly remarkable and wonderful new experience for us. A stay that’s definitely worth to share to everyone.

Have you seen their social media accounts? Take a look of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more images to inspire you and of course some time to time competitions for you to win! You may click here to see their website for more information.

**parking can be done outside the area or in the basement parking of the mall
**free wifi
**club car for transfers within the resort

G I V E A W A Y!!

Win yourself a 1 night stay for your family in 1 bedroom suite just like what we have by strictly following the steps below:

1. Follow my Instagram & Twitter. (Just click the underlined word to do it.)

2. Like Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. (Just click the underlined word to do it.)

3. Describe your family to us on the comment below.

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5. Winner will be announced on Apr. 26 so get going now. You may tag your friends on your shares too!

Terms and conditions:

– for UAE residents only 18 years old and above

– voucher is valid upto 6 months

– must abide all the steps to eligible

– all entries will be carefully checked

– no unfollow after the competition or you’ll be blocked

– prize must be claimed within 24 hrs else new winner will be announced

– prize will be collected in the resort.



  1. We are a happy family of 4 . Me, my hubby and my 2 sons. We love to travel and go out if we have time specially my elder one. Wish to win for my family.


  2. I consider myself to be blessed with a husband who makes every effort to give me and my little baby boy the best. And the pure joy of just watching my little boy beam his contagious smile when he discovers with confidence how to do things on his own the first time or when I walk into the room, has made me realise that life is so beautiful.
    Definitely need a well deserved break at a Resort like this where I can enjoy & relax along with my family.


  3. Blessed with princess and hubby, small family alhamdulillah, wish to enjoy this stacation definitely my baby will do lot of fun and me and hubby can spent some quality time. Thanks.


  4. Our small world built with love comprises of daddy, mommy & a precious chirpy toddler. We love to spend time together and are happy around each other.


  5. My family is the world to me. My family makes me forget all the tensions and problems of life because they are always there to support and help me overcome all the problems of this world. My family is my happiness and nothing in this world can replace it. I LOVE MY FAMILY.


  6. Family is eternal. Family is the kingdom of God here on earth. It is where love begins. My family keeps me going in life. There is nothing more magical and wonderful moment than being with your family always and forever.. I am an expat woman here in UAE and blessed with a loving husband and amazing son.. Wish we can make it for my husband’s birthday and for our anniversary in this month of April.. ❤❤❤🌻.. More powers to you Ma’am 🙂


  7. Hello.. I am wondering why the username is Amazing Ideas in my comment 🙂 lol.. this is what i commented an hour ago.. 🙂
    Family is eternal. Family is the kingdom of God here on earth. It is where love begins. My family keeps me going in life. There is nothing more magical and wonderful moment than being with your family always and forever.. I am an expat woman here in UAE and blessed with a loving husband and amazing son.. Wish we can make it for my husband’s birthday and for our anniversary in this month of April.. ❤❤❤🌻.. More powers to you Ma’am 🙂
    fb handle: ann niña
    instagram : familytheexplorer
    twitter: anievie


  8. Hi Ma’am Noor.. I just recalled that the Amazing Ideas is the other wordpress account I made last year.. And it has the same account log in details in my facebook thats why when I commented it showed Amazing Ideas.. 🙂 Amazing Ideas and Family The Explorer are two wordpress account. here is my comment again 🙂

    Family is eternal. Family is the kingdom of God here on earth. It is where love begins. My family keeps me going in life. There is nothing more magical and wonderful moment than being with your family always and forever.. I am an expat woman here in UAE and blessed with a loving husband and amazing son.. Wish we can make it for my husband’s birthday and for our anniversary in this month of April.. ❤❤❤🌻.. More powers to you Ma’am 🙂

    fb handle: ann niña
    wordpress: amazing ideas, family the explorer
    twitter : anievie
    instagram: familytheexplorer

    sorry for the confusion.. thanks again.. ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. My family is the most precious gift that God gave me. They are my strength, my weakness and my life.
    FB:Coolitz Palabrica


  10. A family is the most important place for any individual and it is considered as the root of people. Without a family, one cannot have a decent and happy life. basically, we are 4 members altogether. They are – My husband my two boys and me. I am lucky to have such a family.
    My family is important to me for different reasons. First of all, it is the place where I belong to. Literally, at the end of the day, I cannot think that I am living without my family. I am highly grateful to my husband for his unconditional supports and love.I am happy with my two Boys and cannot imagine my life without them. My family is my life and thus it is most important for me than any other thing.

    I would love to spend some quality time with my Family. Hope you will grant my wish dear


  11. We are four in the family, I have 2 gorgeous boys. We treasure every single moment together. This giveaway will be added to our family bonding if ever. My hardworking husband needs a break and this is perfect for all of us.


  12. Family of 4 mommy , daddy and 2 handsome boys, we just found out that we are expecting twins and we are very excited and surprised as we have no history in twins in both of our families, we feel overwhelmed and tensed and a small break like that could really makes us feel better and go back to excitement again as i am having a high risk pregnancy …


  13. Sharing everday in loads, in midst of chores n work, besides being a busy mom of 4, who dont give me a second to sit n relax.. just with a hope n a dream to get a day of relaxation n fun with my family after winning this ..


  14. My family is growing!!! Me and ny wife is very excited for the arrival of our bundle of joy this June! Can’t wait to have new travel buddy!


  15. We r a happy family of 4 mom dad and 2 handsome kids we enjoy every day every minute at it fullest my family love and support me alot we r now going to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary on 24th April luckily i got to know about this giveaway its the perfect occasion and place to celebrate with my loved ones looking forward to win this for me


  16. I’m a UAE loving Expat , mom of 3 kids all below the age of 6. Working at my home sweet home with a 24/7 job, Wife of a busy Banker 😆 . It’s been a long time since I had a relaxing break . My 9 month old little boy is keeping me on my toes . I’m really looking forward to spending a day/night at this beautiful hotel. Fingers crossed 🤞
    IG: Vijithaarul
    FB : Vijitha Arulnayagam
    Twitter: graceviva6


  17. My Family is small .. consist of my husband and mom in law. They both are very sweet and supportive. I feel blessed that I’ve got a chance to serve an elderly people in my life. My husband is my first hand support for all the decisions that I take for my life and career. My mom-in-law takes care of all chores in my absence and make me feel a blessed daughter in this world. She prays day and night for my success. I feel this stay cation is best for my family as a token of love.. 😍


  18. HI I’m pleased to tell u that v r family of 6,, 3 sons 1cute daughter, me n My husband. We enjoy together,I have seen ur hotel pics it would be great if I win some thing like this for my family 👪 my kids would 😍 this. Wish to be lucky 🍀 with u #GreatthiingsinUAE


  19. my family is small and Alhumdulillah I have very supportive hubby and this one is best for celebrating my hubby birthday at this amazing hotel my baby will also enjoying like Hamza 😊


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