INVITED REVIEW: Fun sunny day in Happiness Island

Happiness to all the guests coming from Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa and Jannah Burj Al Sarab because they get complimentary access to come and visit Happiness Island. Thus, during our stay in Andalus, we took this advantage and we went there for a brunch. It was a sort of adventure because you have to get off the island.



From the resort, it’s about 15mins drive to the marina dock. I didn’t see a particular name for this but it’s the one before The Club place. You can park your car outside the docking area even to the uncemented one. The waiting area of the island is on the right side once you enter the premises. The timing for this is every 1 hr from 9am.


We took a boat heading to the island and it was about 10-minute ride. On this island you’ll find the Taboo 101 also. Sometimes there are visitors who are not guests from the properties I mentioned earlier. They’re  still welcome of course however for a fee of AED100. Happiness Island has 24 villas in total. Half is getting the sunrise and so they are called Sunrise villa and the other is Sunset and all of them are 2 bedroom villas. These are available for 1 day or long term stay. A promotion of AED250K per year with a homey feeling with your own vacation place  is now available. Fully furnished and fully equipped with discounts on food and beverages.


Not only adults enjoy the Infinity pool on the island but kids do have a play area too. Hamza of course didn’t let this passed. While he was playing there, I visited the Taboo 101 and had a look around for a moment. It was Saturday when we went there and it’s Exclusive for Ladies. On weekends they have a Chill & Grill theme in the restaurant which is similar with Happiness Island itself for their brunch.


Taboo 101 has chalets for your stay. There’s one room wherein you can hold a private event too. It’s fully furnished and equipped. There’s a so-called manmade Happiness Island mountain that you can climb up and there’s a covered resting place on top. This gives you a beautiful sight of the island and the sea.



Back to Happiness Island, the brunch has started at 12.30pm and the grill is live happening by the pool. There’s fish, chicken tikka, mutton kebab and beef. Other dishes were inside the lounge area. Cool music is played at the same time. Price from AED200 per head and AED250 with house beverages (both with access fee included). For booking call 02 307 6333.


This is one of the best place to go if you’re in the mood of away from the city life type. No wifi on this island however if you’re into a water sport like Jetski you can bring one with you or they can arrange for you.


We didn’t do any booking ahead for this. We just made a timing since we were told the boat’s journey is every 1hr. Upon arriving the island you will be asked anyway on which hotel you’re staying. This is part of our stay in Andalus which you can read full here:INVITED REVIEW: Family time in Andalus Al Seef Resort & Spa

So that’s it! That was our day on Happiness Island and it was a fun filled family day. Head over to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updated feeds and of course for some time to time competitions that you don’t wanna miss for sure. All other information you need including for Taboo 101 will be here. Yallah bye!



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