INVITED EVENT: New theme night has launched in Kris with a View, Park Regis Hotel

A truly great concept for the new theme night in Kris with a View in Park Regis Hotel that launched last March 20. Thai-Chinese Night is what you will relish every Monday night from 7-11pm.


The restaurant has a dim light setting with a very oriental style setup that boosts the scene of a romantic dinner while getting the perfect panoramic view. It’s very spacious restaurant so the idea of food trolleys is awesome for guests to get more excited, overwhelmed and there’s interaction of the chefs with the guests. You’ll get to find the Shaved Ice, Dim Sum, Peking Duck and Salad for this.


We tried the salad wherein one chef made a salad served with fresh lettuce and black sticky rice which has a distinct flavor and truly appetizing. Dim Sum has a combination of Thai and Chinese elements and my favorite is the Eggplant and Shrimp Wanton. The Peking Duck trolley has so far the most tasty pecking duck roll we’ve tasted in Duba and the Shaved ice trolley has a selection of toppings which is truly refreshing.

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The goodness of the buffet part since it’s an extensive one, it offers wide varieties of choices for veggies and non-veggies guests. So don’t fret you’ll find what you want in there. Both soup, Crab & Sweet Corn and the Tom Yam Gai have a rich taste.


One item in their hot appetizers had wowed us which is the Pandan Chicken where the juiciness is intact in the chicken meat and also the texture of the Prawn Cake is quite unique.


They have ample curry dishes but the best one for us was the Green Seafood curry which has a bounty of creaminess combined with the freshness of the seafood. Both fried rice, Yang Chow and Thai Pineapple fried rice were delicious that you can already eat it as a separate meal.


For the dessert, you are spoiled with choices from the traditional once to the modern fusion of Thai and Chinese desserts. What we love the most is their Pandan Creme Brûlée and the Sago with Sweet Potato.


Now aside from the food trolleys, the live cooking station is available too which allows you to select certain meat and seafood to be stir fried with vegetables and spices.


What is unique in their set up is that they have a separate and bountiful fruit area with the most exotic Thai fruits available. The service was good, they are friendly and attentive and their chefs were really interacting with the guests.

Book your table by calling 04 377 1111 or click this website for more information and book online it’s AED145 per head.

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  1. Really… a Thai & Chinese kind of restaurant has enough options for the vegetarians too… That’s absolutely wonderful and unique 👌👌


  2. I always love Thai food because of the Dim sums ..that too especially the seafood flavour…the crab to be specific…truly appetizing…also I love the lemon grass flavour …auramatic.


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