INVITED REVIEW: Before summer hits enjoy strolling in Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is the first ever unique glowing park in the Middle East that offers 2 theme parks in one location i.e. the Dinosaur Park and Dubai Garden Glow itself. It’s located in Zabeel Park, Dubai with Gates 6 & 7.


The structures of this park has been created by artists from around the world. Making it as a very attractive and successful leisure themed park with entertainment for all. There are several areas that you’ll find in this park. In the Dubai Garden Glow area, there’s a food pavilion where food stalls are all lined up  and you can definitely find your favourites, however there are some other food stalls and refreshments area around the park too, there are live performances going on on the center stage, animal kingdom area is where kids will be introduced with different kinds of animals and learn about them in a creative way, Kids’ Fun area where children will be having some fun playing with some rides and games. And there’s the Dinosaur Park which is on the right side of the park upon entrance. You’ll be hearing the sounds that each dinosaurs make. You’ll learn about these species on which time of our Era they were existing. In the middle of this park, there’s a play area for kids with some exercising utilities too!


On the day we went there, it was those days when UAE  was pouring a lot of rain everyday. That’s why on our visit we were a bit earlier and you can’t see the lights glowing that much yet. But there were lots of families started coming in during that time already. I guess it’s indeed a big attraction that even with the bad weather people will still keep on coming.

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This is our second time to be in the park. And what I observed for a difference aside from the Dinosaur Park is that, the center stage where live performances happens has been changed to a Underwater theme. Also a sort of tunnel filled with lights on one area leading to the food pavilion. A jogging track around the park outside is also now available. Nearby the entrance of the Dinosaur Park is a stand where you can have a Panda Train ride for AED15 for kids and AED20 for adults in approximately 8 mins. Same place where you can rent a cart for your kid(s). First 3 hours (minimum) for single seat is AED50 and AED60 for double seat and a stroller as well for AED50. There’s also the Burj Khalifa standing now within your reach.


Do you know that there’s a long bridge crossing the Sheikh Zayed road to reach the other side of the Dubai Garden Glow? Until on our second visit we can’t reach that part still because our legs were giving up on the main park itself! It’s really an expansive park!

It’s really wonderful and stunning in the evening where the park is glowing in the dark with all these amazing work of creativity. Highly recommended for families! Tickets can be purchased online or on the spot as well for AED60. Children below 3 years old are free even handicapped people. Follow them socially on Facebookand Instagram. Watch this space to win yourself tickets. Yallah bye!



  1. I am always a lover of nature and the pictures and the review are really fascinating.Thank you for the nice review.It is interesting to read


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