INVITED REVIEW: Have you been inside the Dubai Aquarium?

Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the UAE and most visited by everyone especially on weekends. Some of the attractions there are the Burj Khalifa, Fountain Show, Dubai Aquarium and few more. So one weekend we went to Dubai Aquarium to get a little bit closer to underwater animals. We and mostly people will stand outside to watch, take a video or capture some images because some parts of it are visible inside the mall and it’s truly a huge aquarium. For a difference we took the so-called Tunnel and Underwater Zoo experience this time.


It’s a long queue if you want to purchase on the spot so if you want to skip this hassle, you can book your tickets online. Click here!



On your way to the tunnel, you will pass the photo booth session first and you’ll be given a wrist band to be used later on to collect your photos (payable). In the tunnel you’ll be mesmerized right away by them. While you will see most of them swimming around, others are just floating steadily and perhaps sleeping 🙂 The divers are also visible from there and some scary sharks! Yikes!

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Underwater Zoo is on the 2nd floor. You’ll be queuing into a tunnel again where you will mostly see sting rays and sharks this time. Before you’ll reach the zoo there’s another photo session. Inside we enjoyed seeing so many of these fishes that we are not familiar with. Well not to mentioned there’s Nemo and Dory who are popular. Underwater doesn’t mean fish only but there are other creatures there as well. So we found some giant rats, crocodile, crabs, etc. The zoo was kind of mix with some birds and other small reptiles like snakes and lizards too. Names of these animals are mostly found beside their aquariums.

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In between, Hamza saw a Gelato ice cream station inside. Can we skip that? No! Well I don’t regret it. It was yummy even the cone is tasty! We took the cheesecake flavour 🙂

Photos as I mentioned earlier are collectible inside the Underwater zoo. Your wrist band will be scanned and you’ll get the option to either purchase them or not. For AED160 you’ll get an Album (consisting of 3 big pics and 4 small ones) with magnet and soft copies.


Our journey cost AED100/person for the Researcher and AED120/person for the Explorer. Children above 3 years of age will be charged for the same amount. We spent around 2 hrs in total inside and got a lot of small video clips and pics. Upon exit you’ll end up entering the souvenir area which has loads of awesome items.

It’s truly informative both for adults and kids. Definitely a recommended place for families or even for school trips. Follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay updated! Have fun!



  1. Had been there last summer, was a wonderful experience, my kids loved it, and so did my hubby and myself. Grew view, was like we were inside an ocean.


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