Summer is just around the corner. Have you got your summer essentials with you? We do have different preferences when it comes to on how we want to protect ourselves from the heat such as some may have umbrella with them, others may have fan in handy, water bottle, sunscreen, etc. which others may have also or not.


I want to talk about the Lip Balms of Palmer’s which you may prefer to add it on your list. I’ve been introduced to 3 flavours of their lip balms i.e. Original, Dark Chocolate and Cherry and the Dark Chocolate and Mint. I have posted an online review of this on my Instagram through Instastories which many people have looked at it. Don’t worry I’ll let you know here as well 🙂



So the packaging is very easy to open you just push the perforated side at the back to help you lift it up. Let me start with the 2 Dark Chocolates in which one is with Cherry. This lip balm gives a light pink color on your lips. It glides smoothly and smells as great as cherry and it is dark pink in color. The other one with Mint is color white and it’s colorless once applied. It glides smoothly  also when applying. The distinction of this aside from its flavour and tastes mint is, when you talk there’s a fresh breath coming from your mouth. Lastly, the Original which is in white color and colorless once applied on your lips too. No flavour/taste on this and there’s a bit roughness that you will feel while applying it.


All these products are made in Cocoa Butter formula with vitamin E and ULTRA MOISTURIZING (gives long lasting moisture) and not to mention it has SPF 15. It will protect your lips from getting chapped, cracked and dry and of course from the sun and it soothes your lips. I feel like it’s kind of water resistant and doesn’t goes off quickly even when you drink.

I found out Dark Chocolate and Mint is the most favourable one for me. So which one you think will you like?



  1. Wow, thanks for the info, it’s for the first time I am hearing that a lip balms has SPF. Also the mint Flavour that you mentioned which gives a good breath is also cool to know.


  2. I have tried their Original one as I have terribly dry lips. And it turned out to be very moisturizing and long lasting. Would love to try the other two also 👍👍


  3. it is the best one product I used chocolate flavour and even for my baby I used Palmer products and for me and my hubby coco butter is the best one thanks noor


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