INVITED REVIEW: Pinza has opened up a branch in Abu Dhabi…

Pinza is a Dubai-based restaurant, a home grown product made in UAE (JVC & Business Bay) which was launched last December 2015. And the good news is, is that it has reached in Abu Dhabi now and it opened its first branch in the Emirate in Umm Al Emarat Park (  AED5 entrance fee ). Pretty much close enough to families who’s enjoying strolling, playing or having some picnic in the area.


Pinza is a healthy gourmet pizza. Yes, healthy! The dough consists of 80% water and 20% flour (rice, soy, wheat, naturally dried sour dough & fiber) and goes through a 48-hour fermentation process. No fats in the mix that guarantees a crunchy Pinza base every time. So this is what I’m curious about and excited to experience it myself.

What’s more? Pinza does delivery too and it’s accomplished by Deliveroo. Guess what? That’s how I tried it this time. To do some food tasting at home. So we ordered Tandoori Chicken/Pinzatallia, Pepperoni/Margherita and Shrooms/Veggielicious (Vegetarian) these were done in half/half and one full Pinzafied Margherita.

Pinzafied Margherita
Tandoori Chicken/Pinzatallia

As you read above, they do have flavours for vegetarian people aside from the greenery fresh salads they have. And you don’t have to order a full Pinza on any flavours you want. You may have the option to have them in 2 in 1 (half/half order).

I like the box of Pinza too. It is not the usual pizza box that you open. It’s a sliding box. The colors used on this are my favourite. Not to mention the personalised details that includes your name and the flavour.

If you’ll have some leftovers, it can be reheated on the oven. Well I used microwave however it won’t be crispy like before 🙂

So I can say yes! it’s absolutely crispy and crunchy crust with a plus of having some bread crumbs on it, visible on the sides and at the bottom. I do use my hands when eating Pinza (or even pizza) so you can feel the crumbs on your bare hands and it is soft within at the same time. This is what I find interestingly unique.


The flavours we have chosen were recommended to us and I love the fragrance that each flavours brings. It gives more appetite. The ones that has a bit of spiciness on them were the Tandoori Chicken and Pepperoni.


To complete a healthy Pinza meal, Nai tea was added. Nai is an arabian product and it’s proudly serving international. Here in UAE you can find them in several shops and Pinza is one of them. Hibiscus Flower Tea is a tea that has the natural flavour of Hibiscus, Pomegranate and Rose Water. A non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial colour and no sweetener product! 100% natural! Some other flavours are White Peony Tea and Pekoe Black Tea.

As how Pinza is famous in Dubai, Abu Dhabians can enjoy it too now. Visit them in Umm Al Emarat Park or give a call for delivery or even via Zomato.

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  1. thanks for the review noor it’s yummy and want to try it soon and tandoori chicken is one of my favourite and nai tea I never listen about that will definitely try this new tea


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